Industrial Diesel Engines 904D-E36TA for Tractors

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Key Specs

Maximum Power
121 HP
90 kW
Maximum Torque
369 lb-ft @ 1500 rpm
500 Nm @ 1500 rpm
UN ECE R96 Stage IIIA, Brazil MAR-1
UN ECE R96 Stage IIIA, Brazil MAR-1


The 904 Series, 3.6 engine offers the perfect solution for frameless agricultural tractors - compact, powerful and quiet. Compact packaging including structural capability for front bolster and rear transmission, including twin balancers for operator comfort and rigid mounting; the 3.6 is the cornerstone of your tractor.

Our compact engine packaging enables tight turning circles and uninterrupted sight lines with no aftertreatment required and no A-Pillar or battery box interference; the 3.6 enables simple integration and easy logistics for the original equipment manufacturer.

Powerful, with excellent performance in power, peak and low speed torque, fuel consumption and transient response; the 3.6 has all the performance required including for downsizing from larger displacement engines for your tractor and your customers.

A naturally quiet engine by design, your customers will be impressed with the noise and sound quality of the engine, making the 3.6 a natural choice for tractors used around livestock and noise sensitive areas.

Product Specifications for 904D-E36TA for Tractors

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Power Rating

Emission Standards


Engine Dimensions*


904D-E36TA for Tractors Standard Equipment

Electrical and Electronics

  • 12V systems
  • Data interface via CANbus J1939
  • Full electronic control
  • Glow plugs for best cold starting with minimum battery impact
  • High power alternator and starter motor options
  • Sensors and robust wiring harness included
  • Wide choice of interfaces for common transmissions

Fuel System

  • Electronic high pressure common rail
  • Fuel filter - chassis mounted
  • Water sensor included - early warning for operator


  • Structual sump including twin balancers for front bolster mounting
  • Cold-start capable with standard equipment to -25°C
  • Supplied painted or lacquered
  • Ag backplate for transmission mounting

Oil System

  • Oil filters. Mounting options available on either side of the engine, plus remote
  • Dipsticks. Choice of position and length
  • Oil fillers. Multiple locations on engine to allow for choice of service access
  • High incline sump. 25° continuous in all directions

Power Take-Off (PTO)

  • SAE-A and SAE-B interfaces available

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