Supplier communication guidelines

We at Perkins value the relationships that we build with our suppliers, and will work with those who wish to publicise their relationship with us. However because of the volume of suppliers we do business with and in an effort to treat all suppliers fairly, while protecting the Perkins name, we have developed the following fairly stringent supplier communication guidelines. We request cooperation from suppliers in adhering to these guidelines.

The objectives of these guidelines are to:

  • Preserve Perkins brand name by avoiding endorsements of others’ products
  • Avoid releasing competitive information
  • Ensure that suppliers’ communications are in keeping with Perkins corporate communication strategies


  • All suppliers must have a Caterpillar Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) on file. Suppliers are obligated to refrain from disclosing Caterpillar Confidential Information to anyone, except as expressly permitted in the NDA
  • Some statements of non-confidential/non-proprietary facts about Perkins relationship with the supplier are appropriate but must be approved by Perkins on a case-by-case basis

Communication is key.

Communication is key.

Typically, communications that are accepted include:

  • An initial press release issued by the supplier announcing they’ve been awarded a contract with Perkins
  • A press release issued by the supplier announcing they’ve won a supplier quality award from Perkins

All communications that reference Perkins must be vetted through the supplier’s Perkins buyer who will work with Marketing Communications for review.

The following are not appropriate and will not be approved:

  • Details about products/services/consulting provided by the supplier to Perkins
  • Details about equipment manufactured/installed by the supplier for a Perkins facility
  • Details about software or other technical services provided by the supplier to Perkins
  • Other specifications as determined by Perkins on a case-by-case basis
  • Dollar/GBP amounts and/or volume of any contracts
  • Assumptions as to how the supplier’s products/services have improved Perkins operations
  • Endorsements of the supplier’s product/service
  • Quotes from Perkins employees
  • Use of our photos, logo or trademarked name is prohibited in any publication, including: websites; case studies or white papers; pamphlets, brochures, radio/television ads, or any other advertising materials