The agricultural landscape

The agricultural landscape

Perkins. Putting power into farming.

Through the great plains of North America, to the steppes of Russia. Ten thousand acres of Brazilian soy, ten acres of Mauritian sugar cane, one acre of Ethiopian teff. The world’s best malting barley in Scotland, the finest grapes in Champagne and the rice that feeds China.

Smallholder and corporate. Temperate or tropical. From row crops to tree fruit, and roots to shoots. Wherever the farm, whatever the crop, Perkins powers them all. For behind every one of these hard-working farms is a farmer reliant on Perkins engineering expertise.

Increasing productivity and yields

Each of these farmers – and tens of thousands like them – depends on a tractor, a combine, a harvester, a sprayer, or one of countless other pieces of farm machinery powered by a Perkins engine, one of the world’s most recognisable, trusted and enduring agricultural power brands.

There are many reasons why manufacturers choose Perkins to power their products. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), by specifying Perkins, you get more: more expertise, more know-how, more support and not only more agricultural engine variants than any other brand, but variants that suit more regulatory requirements than any other brand.

Proven agricultural experience

Our engines aren’t just suitable for agriculture; they’re designed for agriculture. Designed and tested by engineers who understand the demands of agriculture, the expectations of farmers and the requirements of manufacturers.

And with more farmer recognition than any other brand, your customers appreciate Perkins power too.

First choice for parts and service

We understand the daily challenges you face and your need for reliable and efficient engines that minimise downtime. Our fast and responsive customer support is never far away. With 28,000 Perkins genuine parts in stock, plus the oils and coolants to optimise engine performance and extend service life, keeping your engines running at peak productivity has never been easier.

The consistent expertise that defines Perkins is available through over 3,500 outlets in 177 countries, including an approved distributor network equipped with trained technicians and electronic service tool technology. Not only are we near you, we also speak your language.  

Proud of our past, focused on the future

After nearly 90 years of engine design, manufacture and aftermarket support, we continue to raise the bar to new heights. With leadership comes responsibility. Advances in digital technology and connectivity are contributing to a fourth agricultural revolution, where the farm of tomorrow won’t be powered by the engines of today. That’s why as innovators, collaborators and solution providers, Perkins is making plans to power the future too. Collaborate with Perkins to share in that future.

Perkins Agriculture brochure

Past, present, future. A commitment to the agricultural sector. Download the Perkins Agriculture brochure to find out more.

Download Download Perkins Agriculture brochure

Agritechnica 2019

One of the world’s most trusted and recognisable agricultural brands, Perkins puts the power into every type of agricultural machine. With the latest engines and innovative hybrid technologies, we have the solutions to meet the demands of OEMs and farmers today – and tomorrow.

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