Manufacturing is a process that unavoidably uses energy – but at Perkins, we’re committed to sustainable manufacturing processes that minimise both the energy consumed and the waste produced. In short, sustainable manufacturing is efficient manufacturing.

Sustainability is a core value at Perkins. At each one of our facilities, no effort is spared to drive out wastage and operate an efficient and cost-effective system that uses as little energy as possible, minimises emissions and recycles or reuses waste products wherever we can.

Sustainable processes

All our manufacturing processes at Perkins are designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind. Robotic and computerised production lines cut costs and energy usage by ensuring that power is used only when it is needed.

Heating, lighting and cooling systems are similarly monitored, with automatic controls turning off power when the systems aren’t needed.

And of course all emissions, whether gases, liquids, or solid and metal wastes, are monitored, treated where necessary, and sent for reuse or recycling wherever possible.

Sustainability is good for the environment, and it's good for our efficiency as well. We follow sustainable policies because we're a responsible company and they're good for the environment- but they reflect well on our business efficiency and our profitability as well.
Roman Falinski, mechanical services and environment manager

At every facility

Energy saving and sustainability are a part of our operations not just in the manufacturing processes, but throughout our sites. Power usage throughout each facility is tightly monitored and automatically controlled, and waste products from offices, canteens and all ancillary operations are either reused or recycled.

A variety of policies, such as the provision of special buses or the encouragement of cycling, are in place at our different facilities to cut the number of car journeys into work each day.

Sustainability operates around the clock, all over the site.

The bottom line

Sustainable manufacturing is efficient manufacturing – and efficiency is good for profitability. Energy makes up a large part of any manufacturer’s cost base, and by keeping energy use to a minimum, we are helping to drive down our costs.

Our ISO Standard

Our Peterborough, UK, facility is accredited to ISO Standard 14001, which monitors strict environmental standards for activities like control of waste management and contamination. All our sites throughout the world work with similar controls.

It’s important for us to know that we’re performing as well, as efficiently and as sustainably as possible – and it’s important for our customers to know that

Sustainability is a part of who we are.


Sustainability and the environment

Perkins is a company with a keen sense of its environmental responsibilities and a determination to follow a policy of sustainable development. Every stage of the manufacturing processes in our facilities has been studied and reassessed to see if there is any way in which it can be made more energy efficient. Sustainability is built into the way we work.

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Sustainability for the next decade

We aim to benefit the environment and our customers by building greater efficiency into our engines and into the way we make them. Over the next ten years, you’ll see continuing advances in Perkins engines and improvements in the sustainability of our facilities around the world.

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Environment, health and safety

Sustainability, health and safety are central to the production processes in all our facilities around the world.

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Power the future sustainably

The future for engineering lies in sustainability and energy efficiency – and for Perkins, the future starts now.

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Quality remanufactured parts

Perkins is driving sustainable change through advanced processes and product innovation. It leads the way in remanufacturing, finding new ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, and reclaim materials which otherwise go to waste. The process sees Perkins return products at the end of their lives to an as-new condition and helps reduce owning and operating costs because our customers receive the same as-new quality at a fraction of the cost of a new part. All such parts still carry the full 12 month Perkins warranty.

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