Trade shows and exhibitions

Promoting our brand all over the world

Lighting array on Perkins stand
Lighting array on Perkins stand

Trade shows and exhibitions

The Perkins logo is a familiar sight at trade shows and exhibitions around the world. It's a way of promoting and raising awareness of the brand, with our company, our products, our standards and our services on display.

By being there, we're giving support to our local distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), who are often exhibiting at the same event. It's all part of being a global company with a local presence.

Trade shows and exhibitions offer us the chance to show our products, meet our existing customers, and introduce ourselves to new ones.

The Perkins stand is a focal point for potential distributors and OEMs to study our products, meet our experts, hear about our services and aftermarket support, and pick up leaflets and information.

“Trade shows and exhibitions enable us to promote our brand on the ground, all over the world. We use them to demonstrate our commitment to excellence, and to support our local distributors and OEMs. They are an important way for new customers to get to know Perkins and all we stand for.”
Annette Ward, corporate and marketing communications manager

Sometimes we provide heritage engines to the delight of the enthusiasts. It's one more way of attracting potential customers and OEMs to our stand, where we can demonstrate to them the quality, reliability and service that the Perkins brand stands for.

For our sales teams, an exhibition provides the opportunity to meet new potential customers, follow up sales leads, and cement relationships with existing customers. Meeting people face to face is often the best way to raise awareness of our brand and get across the message about the quality of our products, and the reliability of the services we offer.

A local presence

At distributor exhibitions too, we have the opportunity to promote the Perkins brand. Especially in new and expanding markets like China, they enable us to raise awareness of what we have to offer among important new customers. We're a global company, but our local presence at trade shows exhibitions enables us to actively support our distributors and OEMs around the world.


2024 shows

Middle East Energy

Dubai, UAE
April 16-18, 2024

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ARA - American Rental Association

Orlando Convention Center, US
February 18-21 2024

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United Rentals Supplier Show

Indianapolis, US
January 6-7, 2024

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World Ag Expo®

Tulare, US
February 13-15 2024

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