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Electric power with Perkins

Our world-class engines and comprehensive customer support ensures stable and sustainable electric power in exactly the way you want it, whatever the operating conditions.

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Perkins is constantly innovating to ensure its range of power solutions meet the emerging needs of the electric power industry. Capable of meeting global emission standards, delivering on customer requirements and offering improved power density, our comprehensive electric power range takes centre stage on the Perkins stand—S1.C10—at Middle East Energy, March 3-5, 2020.

Offering a comprehensive range of diesel engines from 5 to 2,500 kVA, Perkins-powered generator sets are found around the globe. From backup solutions for residential and industrial sectors, and critical power needs for hospitals and datacentres to the continuously powered infrastructure sector and rental market, Perkins has a world-class engine for every application.

Middle East Energy Dubai

As part of our commitment to keep our electric power customers ahead of the competition, Perkins has focused on enhancing power density, simplified solutions and invested in emissions.

These strategies have already been implemented with the engines Perkins is showcasing at MEE 2020:

  • Perkins® 1103 – The upcoming high speed 5G mobile services set to launch globally, will result in higher power demands from the telecommunication towers. The Perkins 1103 engine, with years of proven reliability and a range of outputs from 30-60 kVA prime power, is the ideal solution.
  • Perkins® 1706 and 2806 – The new 9.3 litre 1706 provides equivalent power to our former 13 litre platform, while the 18 litre 2806 can match the power of a typical 23 litre engine. These engines provide a more cost-effective solution and—with common cores—customers can develop similar base frames for generator sets that are sold into different markets.
  • Perkins® 4008 – The new and enhanced 4008, now achieves one of the longest major service intervals in the market at 15,000 hours. While major enhancements to the engine have made the platform more robust for continuous running in prime power applications.