Perkins delivers electric power

Perkins delivers electric power

Perkins has the right products to meet the needs of all the key sectors in the electric power market. Our engines provide standby generation for factories, office and shopping malls, and for critical applications in hospitals and at airports. We provide engines for prime power generation in remote locations far from the national grid, such as powering telecommunication towers throughout the world. With Perkins comes reliability borne out of thousands of hours of real-world use and it's all supported by our global network of distributors.

Perkins has the solution for you, whether you need an engine for prime electricity generation, running day in, day out, or for standby power generation, ensuring guaranteed power is available when required.

Our range of diesel and gas-fuelled electric power (EP) engines covers all key nodes around the world, meeting all your power generating requirements.

With our ElectropaK range of engines, you will get the radiator and air cleaner system already built on, enabling you to simply bolt the engine down, connect it up and start generating.

From 5-2500 kVA power ratings, Perkins has the EP engine that’s right for you.

Perkins delivers electric power to the people through engines that have proven reliability borne out of thousands of hours of real-world use. Our extensive product range meets the needs of all the key sectors in the electric power market.
Simon Gray, EP marketing manager (power generation)

Our engines are used to generate electricity for factories, offices and shopping malls – often for standby power, but also for prime generation. Our 400 Series engines are often used in remote areas, such as parts of Africa, where they power telecommunication towers to keep people connected by mobile phone technology.

Our engines are also used in business-critical areas, including cloud computing data centres that need a constant supply of electricity to serve their customers.

Life-saving technology

With Perkins comes the reliability that's needed. It's borne out of thousands of hours of real world engine use.

That's why our engines also provide standby power for the most critical of situations- hospitals and airports- where we help ensure lives are not put at risk due to power failure. In these situations it's not a case of when the electricity comes back on: the power has to come back on immediately. With Perkins performance and reliability, that assurance is guaranteed.

Delivering electric power to the people is not only about permanent electricity generation installations. We provide engines for generators that are used in the rental sector, too. These engines power construction sites and mining operations where there's no connection to the electricity grid.

Morrissey to Mozart

Our engines are also used to supply electricity for the hospitality sector, such as concerts staged in fields or other remote locations. The organisers need the power that our engines provide and they rely on the low noise features of Perkins products. Whether it's a concert of a Mozart quartet, an opera or the latest rock band, concertgoers won't want music to be fighting against the noise of a generator. With our engines, it's peace and quiet and power all the way.

With Perkins, you know you've got the power you need at all times. It's all backed up by our two-year warranty and global network of distributors, who have the expertise to make sure you get the engine that's right for your electricity needs. And for aftersales service, too, our distributors are on hand for any queries you have about servicing and parts ordering.

Reliability and efficiency

Perkins EP engines give excellent fuel atomisation and combustion with optimum economy, as they match the correct types of fuel and air systems to the market needs.

Reliable power, low oil usage and low wear rates are hallmarks of Perkins electric power engines. High compression ratios mean you get great fuel consumption and load acceptance in all conditions.

With the exceptional power-to-weight ratios and compact sizes giving customers great power density from as small a package as possible, you will find our EP engines are easy to transport and install, and provide excellent services access for ease of maintenance.

Our extensive range of electric power engines means you can expect world-class quality and unrivalled customer service from Perkins. With 24 hours delivery on parts, you can rest assured that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Whatever your electric power needs, Perkins EP engines are the engines of choice for the power generation market.


You can benefit from our engineering expertise, built up over more than 85 years, that gives you dependable and cost effective solutions to your electricity generation needs. It's no surprise that the world's leading power generation providers continually call on Perkins to put our engines solutions at the heart of their generator sets.


Perkins and the power density revolution at Middle East Electricity 2018

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Choosing an engine that draws the maximum power from the smallest package can make all the difference to your bottom line. Karan Ohri talks us through how Perkins is answering the call on Power Density.

Power your telecoms success

Power your telecoms success

If telecoms is your business, we have the engines to power your success. With the introduction of two new variable speed models added to our 400 Series – 1.5 litre and 2.2 litre.

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Electric power service kits

EP Service Kits

A range of ‘service kits’ has been launched by Perkins for its electric power (EP) engines. Providing end users with all the parts they need to carry out 500 hour and 1,000 hour services for most standard EP engines.

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Perkins engines continually chosen by the electric power market

Perkins engines continually chosen by the electric power market

Perkins works with customers from the largest of global OEMs to the smallest developer of electric power solutions.

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Electric power case studies

Dependable power solution

Real world case studies showing our electric power solutions are high quality and reliable. Our engines are generating the electricity that runs businesses.

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4008 upgrade completes series refresh

Perkins 4008-30TAG

Perkins electric power (EP) line-up gained an impressive new feature with the launch of the 4008-30TAG. This update of the 4008 range is a leader in power density, producing up to 1250 kVA, the power end users expect from a larger engine.

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