Always on: Perkins powers electric power generation

Perkins is constantly innovating to ensure its range of power solutions and services meet the emerging needs of a changing electric power marketplace.

Whatever industry you’re looking to power, Perkins gives large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and smaller business access to a comprehensive range of electric power engines from 5 to 2500 kVA.



To meet customer requirements, in the last few years we’ve enhanced the power output from engines across the range, invested in common engine cores to ensure our advanced engine solutions give our electric power customers the right performance, value and competitive advantage and we recently added the new 5000 Series range to our offering.

Comprehensive engine range

Our world-class engines and comprehensive customer support ensures stable and sustainable electric power in exactly the way you want it, whatever the operating conditions.

Perkins has the right products to meet the needs of all the key industries in the electric power market. Our engines provide standby generation for factories, office and shopping malls, and for critical applications in hospitals, data centres and at airports. We provide engines for prime power generation in remote locations far from the national grid, such as powering telecommunication towers throughout the world. With Perkins comes reliability borne out of thousands of hours of real-world use and it's all supported by our global network of distributors.

Whether you need an engine for prime electricity generation, running day in, day out, or for standby power generation, Perkins has a solution available for you, ensuring reliable power is available whenever it’s required.

Our range of diesel and gas-fuelled electric power (EP) engines cover all the key nodes around the world, meeting all your power generating requirements.

Perkins offers its electric power customers:

Broad product range: A complete solution covering all key nodes across a wide spectrum of power ratings from 5-2500 kVA, delivered through the compact 400 Series, the popular 1100 Series and 1200 Series, the 1500 Series, the 1700 Series, the 2000 Series range, the legendary 4000 Series, and the newly released 5000 Series – a fully electronic range of inline six and eight cylinder and V12 and V16 cylinder engines, engineered specifically for the power generation market to supply critical applications such as data centres and hospitals with dependable prime or standby power, where downtime isn’t an option. (Read our 'Here comes the 5000 Series' feature article.)

ElectropaK: Our engines are available in a variety of formats, including our popular ElectropaK, a complete plug and play solution featuring an engine, radiator, charge cooler, air cleaner, piping, hoses and mounting feet. Available up to 2500 kVA and with switchable options between 50 Hz and 60 Hz, ElectropaKs deliver clean and cost effective power in a high power density package.

All emissions standards: Based on using a modular platform, our engines meet the most stringent emissions standards and are designed to be adaptable to future technologies.

Quality: Serving all major world markets, we manufacture engines in the UK, USA, China, India and Brazil. We use the same manufacturing and quality processes to achieve consistent engine quality, giving you the flexibility and assurance, you need to access multiple territories.

Common components: Based on a standard core, Perkins engines are built with common components to simplify servicing and drive value into your business.

Power density: Our engines are designed to extract high power density to deliver maximum power along with excellent performance from a small package size, all at the same time.

Global offerings

Prime power range
400 Series 0.5-2.2 litre 4-32 kW 
1100 Series 3.3-7.0 litre 29-180 kW
1200 Series 4.4-7.0 litre 107-218 kW 
1500 Series 8.8 litre 180-306 kW  
1700 Series 9.3 litre 221-311 kW
2000 Series 12.5-18.1 litre 305-716 kW
4000 Series 23.0-61.0 litre 638-1875 kW
5000 Series 30.0 litre 853-947 kW


Standby power range
400 Series 0.5-2.2 litre 4-36 kW
1100 Series 3.3-7.0 litre 32-224 kW
1200 Series 4.4-7.0 litre 119-240 kW
1500 Series 8.8 litre 198-339 kW
1700 Series 9.3 litre 244-343 kW
2000 Series 12.5-18.1 litre 9-790 kW
4000 Series 23.0-61.0 litre 691-2083 kW
5000 Series 30.0 litre 947-1053 kW

Europe, Africa and Middle East

Includes EU Stage V and Stage IIIA certified product range
400 Series 0.5-2.2 litre 4-21 kW
1100 Series 3.3-7.0 litre 29-182 kW
1200 Series 4.4-7.0 litre 107-240 kW
1700 Series 9.3 litre 221-292 kW
2000 Series 12.5-18.1 litre 305-530 kW


Asia Pacific

Includes CPCBII and China Nonroad Stage III
2000 Series 12.5-18.1 litre 349-574 kW
4000 Series  23.0-61.0 litre 638-855 kW


The Americas

Includes U.S. EPA & CARB Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 Interim and Final
400 Series 0.5-2.2 litre 5-36 kW
1100 Series 3.3-7.0 litre 47-224 kW
1200 Series 4.4-7.0 litre 110-222 kW
1700 Series 9.3 litre 254-321 kW
2000 Series 12.5-18.1 litre 349-790 kW
5000 Series 30.0 litre 853-1053 kW

All ratings are net power and are for indicative purposes only. Please refer to the generating set power selector charts for kVA and kWe conversion guidance.

Trusted expertise in every sector

Whether it’s for prime, standby or critical applications, our expertise is sought in many sectors – including IT where we are represented on the Uptime Institute, the industry’s most widely accepted global standard for the efficient operation of data centres.

In addition to providing dependable engines and support, we help define and improve standards to make sure the world gets the power it demands. We have thousands of engines currently in service worldwide, providing reliable solutions to a wide range of sectors.

Data centres and critical applications: Helping safeguard businesses and their customers, our engines are trusted to provide vital back-up power in a wide range of critical applications – from data centres, hospitals and offices, through to power grids, health centres and universities.

Telecoms: Helping keep the world connected, our engines power telecoms towers and equipment in remote locations everywhere from Africa to South America.

Construction: We provide prime and standby energy to major construction projects around the world, helping keep workers safe and projects on track.

Retail, property and commerce: Perkins’ engines help provide reliable light and heating control in office complexes, shopping malls and prestigious property developments internationally.

Industrial: Our engines power the generator sets which help power the world’s industry, from water treatment and chemical plants to drainage in deep and remote mines.

Hospitality: Our engines perform at fairs and festivals, rock concerts and operas, working quietly and reliably to provide continuous power and uninterrupted enjoyment.

Rental: Our engines provide mobile and temporary power in applications ranging from highway construction through to meeting the energy demands of remote communities or in areas with an unreliable energy grid.

Features library

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Always on

Generator sets powered by Perkins can be found around the globe. From prime power that runs around the clock to standby solutions that fire up when the grid goes down, Perkins has a world-class engine for every application.

Our case studies show how generator set manufacturers and end-users make use of Perkins extraordinary knowledge, engineering expertise, reputation for world-class performance and quality to power businesses, industry and public amenities among many other installations.

Read the testimonials from our electric power customers to see how Perkins can help you with your power needs.