Celebrating 20 years of engine manufacturing in Curitiba

Reinforcing our commitment to Latin America, since 2003 we have been manufacturing industrial engines at our facility in Curitiba, Brazil, providing dependable power for the main equipment manufacturers in the agricultural and electric power generation sectors across the region.



The opening

In 2023 we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of our Perkins facilities in Curitiba, located in southern Brazil. The city was strategically chosen to serve customers in the agricultural and power generation sectors in Latin America with the Perkins brand.

Prior to the facility’s establishment, Perkins engines were part of the mechanisation of agriculture in Latin American countries. The brand initially arrived with imported Massey Ferguson machines. Later, when countries like Brazil started manufacturing a range of agricultural equipment, Perkins was strongly positioned to offer its off-highway engines solutions.

Agriculture in Latin America had gained a great prominence worldwide and today, it plays a vital role in global food production. With this in mind, Perkins made a strategic decision to reinforce its commitment to the region, in addition to offering local support, and in 2003 it opened its manufacturing facility in Curitiba.

Operations started with the production of the 1000 Series range of engines, and after some time, it expanded to meet the needs of local manufacturers with the production of 3, 4 and 6 cylinder 1100 Series engines. Since then, more than 30,000 engines have been delivered annually from the Curitba facility.

For our customers, local manufacture in Latin America means they receive their products quicker, while also benefitting from Perkins’ global manufacturing quality standards.

Local support and global quality

As one of the leading global manufacturers of diesel engines, Perkins prides itself on being where its customers are and understanding the specifics of each market. That also means that regardless of where our engines are manufactured, the high quality of manufacture is always the same.

In Curitiba, Perkins has built a highly qualified and trained local team. Engines are produced following the same processes, standards and quality control used at all Perkins manufacturing plants.

Our facility in Brazil has advanced technology and modern facilities to deliver the best for our customers in Latin America. In addition, our entire team is part of a culture of care and efficiency. In 2022, we were proud to celebrate 17 injury-free years at the facility – a safety record.


Regional Logistics Centre

Besides manufacturing 1100 Series engines, since 2020 Perkins has had a regional logistics centre at the Curitiba site. The facility stocks over 3,000 genuine parts and was opened to further support Latin America's agricultural and power generation equipment manufacturers and distributors with stock availability.

This means customers in the region are covered with engines, parts and services that can be delivered in a matter of days.

In addition to parts, Curitiba has maintenance and overhaul kits available in stock.

Emissions requirements

Since day one we have combined global experience with local presence, which has allowed us to be ready to meet the needs of local original equipment manufacturers. Our products leave the Perkins facility ready to meet the emission standards demanded all over Latin America.

When MAR-1 (similar to the former Tier 3 and Stage IIIA emissions standards) came into force for agricultural equipment in Brazil, our manufacturing facility in Curitiba was ready to produce compliant engines, offering productivity, reliability and low total cost of ownership for our customers.

People focus

Our people, their experience and commitment to serving our customers, play an important role in our success in the region.

Sandro Nascimento, a section supervisor who has been with the company for 24 years said: “My history with Perkins is long. When we started producing there were around eight operators on the production line. At the end of 2003, new operators began to enter and from then on there was a big growth. I pride myself to have the opportunity to be part of all this transformation, once it was here where I grew personally and professionally.”

Quality technician II, Claudemir de Souza Moreira, who has worked for the company for 13 years, stated: “I started working at Perkins in 2010 as a multifunctional operator I. By October 2011, I became a multifunctional operator II. In 2015 I fulfilled my dream of attending college. With checklist knowledge, I took on projects that I am very proud of and implemented in the quality gate areas, reducing costs with printing, labels, compliance identification stickers, among others, generating a great long-term saving.

“In May 2020 I was promoted again. Today I work as a quality technician II and I feel fulfilled working at Perkins. Here I’ve built dreams and I want to continuously increase my knowledge.  The more the company stands out, the more I stand out so I am part of this 20-year history of Perkins Engines facilities in Curitiba.”

Vera Lucia Cordeiro, a buyer, who has been with the company for 20 years, added: “I currently work in the ​​indirect purchase area and I am responsible for materials and services, meeting the demands of the Curitiba unit. I am very proud to have been part of Perkins qualification, with ISO9001, ISO14001, 6 Sigma certifications, awards, forums, expansions, safety records, brand strengthening and thousands of engines delivered.

“Working at Perkins Engines facilities in Curitiba allowed me to study, raise my son, buy my house, travel, meet admirable professionals, gain knowledge and pass it on to train new professionals. For me, this is a source of pride and gratitude.”

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