Material safety data sheets


Material safety data sheets (MSDS) apply to consumable products supplied by Perkins for use with your engine. They are a legal requirement for most locations. They are available in several languages and show you what you need to do if an accident occurs. MSDS information can be obtained via the relevant part number.


A material safety data sheet (MSDS) is supplied by the manufacturer of a product and is intended to give customers, workers and emergency personnel the procedures they need to handle or work safely with the substance. The provision of this information is a legal obligation for suppliers, and one that Perkins takes seriously.

The MSDS includes information such as physical data covering the liquid’s melting point, boiling point, flash point and so on. Also included is information about any hazards it poses to health and the appropriate first aid and protective equipment, how it reacts with other substances, storage, and spill-handling procedures. There is also advice on how to dispose of unwanted products to limit environmental impact.

Right information for your country

All Perkins MSDS information is supplied with the details you need to comply with legislation in the country in which the product is supplied. 

At present, we supply MSDS information for:

As products are developed, the MSDS information is developed alongside it, and this is the source for up-to-date information. It is highly recommended to check back for any changes, although we will ensure that changes are communicated clearly and thoroughly.