Our engines are designed to operate in
some of the toughest conditions


Industrial Engines

Regardless of how you use your industrial application - from an air compressor to a pump, or a sweeper to a welder - one thing is certain, Perkins has an engine that can power it.


We know that reliability is critical to your business and your reputation, so our range of engines are designed and manufactured to work harder, for longer.

Our engines are compact in size while offering powerful performance and delivering the high-power density you require to get the job done.

We understand that each specialised machine has its own unique characteristics and requirements, so we work with you to understand your exact needs and tailor our engines to deliver the performance you rely on. It’s specialist engine knowledge for specialist machines.

The Perkins range also includes Industrial Open Power Units which are simple plug-and-play solutions and we offer engine-mounted aftertreatment that minimises validation and helps you enter production more quickly.

Backed by nine decades of experience, our engines are designed to operate in some of the toughest conditions, so whether it’s a snow groomer at high altitude or the demanding confines faced by airport ground support equipment where every second counts, you can be confident a Perkins engine will meet your industrial needs.


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