Börger’s dependable pumping solutions keep communities safer

People living near areas of flood risk are among those benefiting from the dependable pumping machinery developed by German engineering experts Börger – and driven by Perkins.

German mechanical engineering company Börger has been manufacturing high-quality rotary lobe pumps for more than 30 years.

These ultra-dependable machines come in 25 different sizes and cover flow rates from 1 to 1,500 m³/h. They work by evenly rotating two rotors to create a vacuum. This vacuum then draws in the liquid you need to pump and, after further rotation, displaces it wherever you need it.

Börger’s pumps are highly regarded by customers across a range of sectors, including industry, environmental technology, marine, mining and agriculture. They’re appreciated for their quality, reliability and long service life.

Perkins outstanding engines are central to the pumps’ steadfast performance. “We design and manufacture our products exactly in line with our customers’ requirements,” explained sales manager D-A-CH Stefan Hülsmann. “To this end, we only use high-quality components and work together with suppliers that are 100 percent reliable. Perkins is one of them.” 

Börger’s dependable pumping solutions keep communities safer

Preventing the detrimental impact of floods

The proven dependability of the pumps means many customers use them in applications where faultless operation is critical. For instance, Germany’s Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) recently purchased nine mobile pumps to enhance its flood protection operations.

The high-performance pumps, with a capacity to pump 25,000 l/min, are installed on an eight-metre long truck trailer. They’ll be used mainly for fighting flooding in large areas.

The pumps are driven by Perkins® 1204E-E44TTA engines, which deliver 135 kW (181 hp) of power to the machine. The fuel tank, with a capacity of 510 litres, is integrated into the base frame of the pump. This allows the pumps to run independently for up to 18 hours at full load.

Providing emergency subterranean support

Börger’s dependable rotary lobe pumps are also used by the mining industry. One company, which extracts calcium carbonate, uses Börger’s pump as emergency back-up for its electrically powered pumps. 

This Börger unit is powered by a 129 kW (173 hp) Perkins 1204E-E44TTA diesel engine, which can operate fully independently whenever there’s a power cut. The pump automatically kicks in if its level sensor detects that a critical height of mine water has been reached – and ensures lives are saved and expensive mining resources are protected.