2000 Series

The 2000 Series engines are built from a proven heavy-duty industrial base to give superior performance and reliability. The power-to-weight ratios of the engines result in exceptional fuel economy and make them the ideal choice for today’s power generation industry. Our 2000 Series engines achieve regulated and unregulated emissions standards globally.


6 Cylinder - 2200 Range

6 Cylinder 2200 Range

Part of our 2000 Series, the 6 cylinder Perkins 2200 range diesel engine is ideal for your power generation requirements from 350-500 kVA, whether prime or standby power.

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6 Cylinder - 2500 Range

6 Cylinder 2500 Range

The Perkins 2500 range of diesel engines delivers output ratings of 455-624 kVA, catering for both your prime and standby power generation needs.

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6 Cylinder - 2800 Range

6 Cylinder 2800 Range

The Perkins 2800 range of diesel engines caters for both prime and standby generation. They can deliver 514-652 kWm engine power and 591-750 kVA generator output.

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