Maintenance and repair

Perkins offers a large number of maintenance products to help keep your engine in top condition. These include filters, gaskets, water pumps, consumables, oil pumps and thermostats. Each one has been designed and built to meet the requirements of your engine. All maintenance products come with the Perkins 12 month warranty.

Preventative maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way of ensuring your engine lasts as long as possible. There are regular checks that you should carry out in line with the recommend schedules to do this.

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Product offering

Using official Perkins repair products can considerably enhance the performance of your engine and extend its life. These parts are available to order quickly and easily from your local distributor.

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Genuine experience

Users of our engines who need to buy genuine Perkins parts can take advantage of a truly global reach. The locations of our main warehouses mean that you’re able to obtain the parts you need often within just 24 hours.

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Replacing your Perkins filters needs to be part of your maintenance regime.

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Liquid coolant, cleaning and conditioning fluid designed for your engine.

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Why Perkins oil is best for your engine

Custom formulation specially designed to meet the needs of our engines.

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What our customers say about us

The only people whose opinions we value and learn from are our customers.

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