Perkins engines has up to 24 months or 3,000 hour warranty – and even longer in countries with stricter emissions standards. The warranties are fully comprehensive and cover parts, labour and other related items.

There is also an option to buy a Perkins Platinum Protection policy to cover you beyond the standard warranty period – and core components such as the engine block and cylinder head come with a 36 month guarantee.

We are so confident of their longevity that every single engine which leaves our factory is provided with a complete warranty offering up to 24 months or 3,000 hour warranty, whichever occurs sooner, as a bare minimum in case you experience a fault.

Activating the warranty requires no specific action on your part. It is a standard part of the package, though to maintain its validity, you do have to service your engine in accordance with the recommended servicing regime.

The warranty is comprehensive and covers all parts and labour plus miscellaneous items such as the travel costs of engineers to repair the engine. The standard Warranty period for rotating electrical components across all engine ranges shall be for a period of 12 months from date of delivery of the engine to the first user. The benefit is that even if your machine is down, you will not be out of pocket.



Unused engines

The warranty only starts when you first start to operate your engine and it can sit unused in your premises for up to four years, meaning potentially you are covered up to six years after you first take delivery of the engine.

There are some terms and conditions – these are available via your local Perkins distributor – and the warranty is subject to you being able to show satisfactorily that you have followed the relevant servicing advice because even an unused engine needs regular maintenance to ensure it works well.


Extend your cover

Your local distributor will have more details about what the scheme does and doesn’t cover and can also advise you on the merits of taking out an Perkins Platinum Protection policy to lengthen further the time you’ll be covered, in this case in return for a one-off payment. The sums involved will depend on a number of factors including the model of engine you have.

It is also hugely reassuring to know that the core components of the engine – the cylinder block and the cylinder head – have their own 36 month guarantee, again covering parts and labour.

We don’t expect our engines to go wrong, but it is good to know that should the worst happen, there is a safety net that will minimise any possible downtime, putting you back in control of your operations.