Our commitment to quality

Perkins has earned a worldwide reputation for making the best diesel engines on the market and applies stringent quality standards and controls. The quality process is one of continuous improvement to drive standards ever higher and provide better customer value.


We value the power of quality

When we build an engine, we build it to last. Quality forms part of our values and it’s fundamental to the Perkins philosophy.

We adhere to a raft of international quality standards, some of which are country specific. The most important of these is ISO 9001 – currently in use in more than 175 countries worldwide –and it operates within all our manufacturing and parts distribution facilities. Due to our aim to continually improve we work to a standard beyond that of ISO 9001 that is imbedded in our quality management system. Obtaining certification can be challenging, but it does give customers an objective measure against which to judge our engines and operations.

“Our customers expect quality and through close collaboration we develop and manufacture products to exceed customer expectations time after time.”
Jamie Nagle, quality manager

Quality is part of our values

Quality is part of our values

Listening to our customers

Our Quality Management System encompasses all elements of the product lifecycle – from development of new products through to aftermarket support. Fundamental to this process is close collaboration with our customers to ensure that we not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Developed for quality and reliability

Through close customer collaboration we better understand the applications, environments and conditions that machines are subjected to, enabling us to develop and validate engines to deliver on quality and reliability requirements in our ever changing more challenging environment every time.

Manufacturing quality

Quality is designed into our product from the very early stages of the development cycle and utilising our world class manufacturing facilities to build on the standards defined in our quality management system as well as putting ever more stringent process controls in place we ensure that we deliver a quality product to our customers time after time.