Perkins repower and
replacement engine options

Perkins repower and replacement engine options
Perkins repower and replacement engine options

Replacement engines

Get up to 10 years warranty

Get up to 10 years warranty on complete engines through Perkins® Platinum Protection

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Flexible solutions

Long engines and short blocks available as new, remanufactured or new-for-old, giving you environmentally friendly, lower cost options with no compromise on quality.

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Keep your machine working for you

You may have purchased your Perkins powered machine 10 or 20 years ago, perhaps longer. It has served you well but if the time has come that you are thinking of upgrading your machine, we have solutions to help you. Before you make any quick decisions about replacing your machine, consider whether a Perkins repower or replacement engine could suit your needs.

Improve the life of your machine with Perkins replacement engines

Flexible options to meet your needs

Perkins can supply you with the same engine that came with your machine when you first bought it, meaning it really does bring it back to its performance on day one.

A complete repower or replacement engine takes only a few hours to fit – it’s what we call a ‘drop-in’ solution and is perfect during busy times such as part-way through harvest.

If you prefer, you could choose a long engine or short block. These assembly solutions are all ready to be quickly and easily installed. Many of these solutions come as new, remanufactured or new-for-old options, giving you the flexibility to choose the option that works best for you.

Whatever option you choose, you can buy with the confidence that everything is built with genuine Perkins parts and quality assured. All Perkins parts come with factory-standard warranties. That’s a minimum 12 months, extendable up to 10 years for complete engines.


Why choose a replacement engine?

  • Guaranteed like-for-like engine performance at a fraction of the cost of a new machine
  • Better machine life cycle management
  • Available from 48 hours*
  • Minimise downtime following in-field failures
  • Core engine tracking and refunds to meet emissions standards as required
  • An environmentally-friendly solution

  * Applies to over 50 percent of our range. Lead times can vary dependent on engine model

What's the difference between all these options?

Product Details Options and Warranty
Complete repower or replacement engines

A complete production engine. A 'drop-in' solution that:

- meets emissions standards
- minimises downtime and reduces labour costs
- is built from brand new factory parts

New engines only.

Minimum standard factor warranty of 12 months.

This can be extended up to 10 years through Perkins® Platinum Protection.

Long engines

A cost-effective alternative to a complete engine.

Simply add ancillaries to restore to full engine build and factory standard engine performance.

Content varies by engine range. High level specification will include:

400 Series
Long engines are rated complete engines with only rotating electrics and a few minor ancillary parts not included.

1100 Series
'Base list' 1100 Series long engines are similar to the 400 Series rated complete engine specification.

4000 Series
Long engines do not include the fuel or cooling systems. This maximises cost effectiveness, allowing you to swap parts from your existing engine.

New, new-for-old and remanufactured options available.

Minimum standard factory warranty of 12 months.

Short blocks

An economical repair option with minimal downtime to address major seizures.

Short block assembly specification includes cylinder block, crankshaft, pistons, connective rods and rear end oil seal.

New, new-for-old and remanufactured options available.

Minimum standard factory warranty of 12 months.