6 Cylinder

The 6 cylinder 2800 range of diesel engines provides outstanding power density, low cost of installation and ownership, and reliable and robust performance for both industrial engine and electric power (EP) customers. Our 18 litre 2806 industrial engines take Perkins into a new power bracket, giving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the opportunity to extend the use of our engines across their range. Our EP range of engines, meanwhile, is ideal for your power generation requirements from 569-938 kVA.

Part of our 2000 Series, the 6 cylinder Perkins® 2800 range of diesel engines is a powerful and robust family of engines designed to improve the performance and productivity of your machines.

Whether you need an engine to power your off-highway applications or a unit for reliable and efficient electricity generation, the 2800 range delivers the power you need.

Our 6 cylinder 2806 industrial engine is an 18 litre turbocharged and aftercooled unit with direct injection and a fully electronic control system. With a power range of 429-597 kW (575-800 hp), it’s the ideal choice for hard-working applications, particularly in construction, and has been validated to deliver optimal performance in the harshest working environments.

The 2806 is designed to meet EU Stage V/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, or to suit other global emissions standards. This flexibility allows you to develop single machine platforms to access multiple territories more affordably.


Our 2800 range engine for high performance

Our 2800 range engine for high performance

Perkins® 2800 Series engine range


“The robust 2800 range has been designed to keep hard-working machines running reliably in the toughest environments – and ensure your machine is as productive as possible.”
Mark Borst, product marketing


Excellent power density

The 18 litre 2806 is a new industrial rating for Perkins, which means OEMs can extend the use of Perkins engines across their range. With excellent power density, you have the opportunity to commonise machines with a single engine installation.

The 2806 has been designed with simple and low-cost installation in mind. Features such as on-engine aftertreatment mounting and full Industrial Open Power Units (IOPU) from the factory also contribute to reduced installation costs.

Robust performance and a lifetime of low cost

This robust unit has been designed to keep hard-working machines running reliably in the toughest environments - and ensure your machine is as productive as possible.

You can also rely on low cost of ownership, with fuel consumption optimised for a wide range of equipment and applications. Low cost maintenance is also achieved through 500-hour oil change intervals.

The 2806, along with the 9 litre 1706, 13 litre 2206 and 15 litre 2506, expands Perkins industrial engine offering. The benefit to OEMs is that it saves you time and money, as you can now go to just one supplier – Perkins – to meet all your engine needs for your global machine line-up.

Electric power

Although the Perkins 2800 range of EP engines caters for both prime and standby generation, the engines are proving particularly popular for the standby market sector.

The 6 cylinder, turbocharged, air-to-air chargecooled diesel engines can deliver 514-652 kWm engine power and 591-750 kVA generator output, along with mechanically operated unit fuel injectors, electronic control and carefully matched turbocharging.

And, with flexible packaging, the Perkins 2800 range will fit into whatever space you have available within your equipment.

The excellent power-to-weight ratios of the 2800 range allow you to enjoy exceptional fuel economy too, making the engines the ideal choice for today’s power generation industry.

Our ElectropaK 2800 range of engines is delivered to you with the radiator and air cleaner system already built in, allowing you to simply bolt the engine down, connect it up and start generating.

Our 2800 range engine for high performance