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Perkins® 5000 Series – Next generation electric power

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Designed to keep data flowing

Data centres play a crucial role in keeping critical institutions up and running. To help deliver constant power in the event of an outage, Perkins developed the all new 5000 Series engine for immediate and dependable electric standby power to keep critical businesses and their data moving.

Performance when and where you need it

The 5000 Series engines have been rigorously tested in extreme environments and conditions around the world so that nothing stands in the way of its on-demand performance. From its enhanced start-up times through its extended, reliable performance, the 5000 Series is ready to help keep you up and running no matter what.

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Tested to keep data centres running

The 5000 Series has undergone thousands of hours of testing in extreme conditions to make sure it not only meets international performance standards but can do so consistently, to match the needs of critical applications like data centres.


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A more intelligent integration

As a full authority electronic engine, the 5000 Series is designed to meet the demands of data centres while allowing for remote monitoring and delivering power suitable for prime applications.

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Maximising total cost of ownership

To meet both evolving emission standards as well as our customers’ prime performance requirements, the 5000 Series has been designed to help maximise total cost of ownership.

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Designed for critical applications including datacenters and hospitals, every innovation packed into the 5000 Series serves the same purpose – providing reliable power when you need it. Be the first to learn how!

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Built for purpose-driven performance

The new 5000 Series has been proven through testing in the harshest environments around the world to achieve dependable, real-world performance – making it ideal for the backup power demands of: data centres, hospitals and industrial goods segments.

5000 Engine Bottom Hero Image
5000 Engine Bottom Hero Image