Perkins rental service training

Perkins rental
service training

Perkins rental service training

Perkins is proud to offer a wide selection of online training courses specifically designed for rental service technicians.

They range from basic engine maintenance knowledge that can be applied to any machine in the fleet to exclusive Perkins technical information.  More advanced level training is available via an assortment of instructor led courses provided at one of the Perkins regional training centres.   


Technician Trainin Technician Trainin

Technician training

Information in these courses can be used during a repair of any of the machines in your fleet. Some of the courses include:

  • Perkins seven step diagnostic process
  • Introduction to exhaust emissions systems
  • Basic engine operation

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Perkins Technical Product Training Perkins Technical Product Training

Perkins technical product training

Courses to provide knowledge on engine model lines and engine repair / adjustments to keep your Perkins engine running. 

  • 1706J product release
  • 904 Series overview
  • 400 Series overview

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General Perkins Training: General Perkins Training:

General Perkins training

These courses will teach your staff on how to use the Perkins specific tools and product support systems. Example courses:

  • Perkins brand and product line
  • Perkins genuine parts
  • Introduction to Electronic Service Tool (EST)

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Soft skills Soft skills

Soft skills training

Courses designed to refine the interpersonal skills of your rental staff. Courses include:

  • Managing conflict
  • Three routes to good communication
  • Adapting to other people to communicate more effectively

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