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Light towers are a must-have for night time work for applications ranging from remote oil/gas rigs and construction sites to concert venues and special-event parking lots. The Allmand Night-Lite™ Pro Series combines four ultra-high-output Options Metal Halide and 350 W SMD LED lamps with a workhorse Perkins® 403F-11 engine, making it one of the brightest light towers in its class.

“We knew Perkins as a recognised global supplier with service and support capabilities just about everywhere,” said Dave Jones, Vice President of sales. “And we recognised the value this added to our products. But even more important was the 1,000-hour maintenance interval offered by the 403F-11. This was a critical factor in our selection of Perkins.”

Light towers typically run for extended periods, so the 1,000-hour maintenance interval on the Perkins-powered Night-Lite™ Pro Series will lead to fewer service disruptions during ongoing projects. The towers’ Perkins engines also support up to 50 hours of continuous operation and are designed to minimise operating noise levels. 

Dave is quick to note yet another major benefit of choosing the 403F-11. 

“One of the significant values our lights offer contractors is their resale value; it’s industry-leading, and it has been a real competitive advantage for us.” 

The 403F-11 is approved for operation on biodiesel concentrations up to 20 percent and is covered by a standard two-year warranty. Along with the warranty comes access to the Perkins distributor network so service and support are always just a few clicks away.


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