Perkins power is at the foundation of global construction projects

Pilings are quite literally the foundation of the vast majority of the world’s skyscrapers and bridges as well as the world’s largest Ferris wheel, the London Eye and hundreds of other structures. For more than a century BSP TEX Ltd. has been a world leader in the development of piling hammer technology. 



As the company’s chief technical officer, Adrian Cooper says: “Piling hammers are our core business. From the simple drop hammer, through hammers powered by steam, air and diesel, BSP TEX became the first UK company to bring the hydraulic impact hammer to a global market.”

The key component in a hydraulic impact hammer is the ‘Hydropack’ which generates the hydraulic power to drive the hammer. BSP TEX depends on Perkins engines to power the ‘Hydropack’ for two of their most popular series of hammers.

The BSP TEX Hydropack 150 is powered by a Perkins® 1206J-E70TA EU Stage V/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final engine delivering 151 kW and 870 Nm of torque.

The smaller Hydropack 130 uses a Perkins® 1106D-E66TA, delivering 129 kW and torque of 750 Nm. This is a Stage IIIA/Tier 3 equivalent engine which allows BSP TEX to sell into parts of the world where lesser regulated engines are required.

Hydropack construction is managed in close association with BSP TEX’s local Perkins distributor, Diperk. Their involvement, and access to the global network of Perkins authorised distributors, gives BSP TEX “absolute confidence” in each unit’s performance.

“When you’re selling to international markets, and supporting high-profile construction projects, you need a brand that’s recognised around the world,” Adrian noted. “Perkins has that name. We trade on that, without a doubt. It serves us very well, and customers too: they’re happy that they have local support from a global brand.”

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