Bahmani generator
Bahmani generator


Bahmani generator sets help Ukrainians survive a brutal winter.

Customers in more than 60 countries depend on Perkins powered diesel generator sets built by the Dubai-based Bahmani Group’s NOOR Generator Technology company for reliable, affordable and sustainable electric power. Their fully automated, 219,000 square foot (20,346 m2) plant can build 5,000 Perkins powered generator sets annually with outputs ranging from 9 to 900 kVA.



“This investment has put us in a strong position and has allowed us to produce high quality products at a faster rate and yet at a competitive price,” says Bahmani Group general manager, Sami Ramz. “The Perkins brand carries a strong reputation for reliability, durability, and performance, which can instil confidence in our customers.”

Bahmani’s capabilities were recently put to the test meeting the need for electric power in areas of Ukraine where, with winter fast approaching, grid power had become unreliable or unavailable. Working with a number of Ukrainian suppliers, Bahmani was able to deliver a large number of NOOR generator sets, many of which were powered by Perkins® 4008-TAG2 diesel engines.

The economical eight-cylinder, 30.6 litre 4008-TAG2 delivers excellent power-to-weight ratios and load acceptance. Like all 4000 Series engines, it has thousands of hours of proven reliability, while its compact design makes it simple to transport and install.

Some of the Perkins powered Bahmani generator sets supplied power for rural or grid-deficient homes and buildings.  Others became dedicated energy sources for critical institutions like hospitals, shelters and schools.

The quiet, compact generator sets proved to be ideal for urban environments where space is always at a premium and noise level matters. The Perkins 4008-TAG2 diesels combine low fuel consumption, ease of maintenance and extended service intervals with the ability to operate reliably under the unfriendly ambient conditions of a Ukrainian winter.

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