Captiva Energy Solutions powers businesses across India.

2010 was a milestone year for Arijit Bose, a young entrepreneur just out of college, and his two-person company, Captiva Energy Solutions. That was the year Captiva began a collaboration with Perkins to supply engines for their lines of customised prime and standby generator sets.



Today, Captiva is a leading supplier of generator sets, control systems and innovative acoustic and exhaust solutions with more than 200 direct employees and 13 locations across India. The company builds its generator sets in Kolkata, with ratings from 400 to 2500 kVA, powered by the Perkins® 2000 and 4000 Series range of engines.

Arijit says: “Working with a global company like Perkins means we get access to world-leading technology which is upgraded continuously through their R&D to maintain a leadership position. But crucially they also understand the market here in India, which means together we can develop strategies and tactics that can deliver success for us, together.”

Much of that success is a result of listening to customers and supplying exactly what they need. One example is the pair of compact, 1886 kVA generator sets powered by Perkins® 4012-46TAG2A, 12 cylinder, 46 litre diesels installed in Kolkata’s 20 storey Eco-Centre Business Tower.

Another is the installation at Wacker Metroark Chemicals in Amtala consisting of two Perkins® 4008-TAG2 engines delivering 1125 kVA each, one 4008-30TAG2 with an output of 947 kVA and one 4008-30TAG3 offering 1055 kVA that deliver around 200 hours of standby power a year.

“The dependability and versatility of the 4000 Series range means it is suited to a wide range of installations,” said Thiagarajan Prabhakar, director – operations, at Captiva. “Add to that its low cost of ownership and you can see why the product is in such demand by India’s electric power industry.”

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