Liftking - Powernews Case Study
Liftking - Powernews Case Study

Saving lives, one load at a time

United Nations peacekeeping missions in South Sudan and Mali are delivering time-sensitive food and medicine to millions of people who have been displaced by insurgent violence. A total of 28 Liftking P-series forklifts powered by Perkins® 1104D engines are a vital link in the supply chain for these operations, ensuring that supplies are loaded and unloaded reliably and expeditiously under extremely difficult environmental conditions.

Ontario-based Liftking has been working with Perkins and the global Perkins distributor network since 1972. Currently, they are using roughly 175 U.S. EPA certified Tier 4 Final Perkins® 1104 engines per year in their P Series construction forklifts. 

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The Liftking team cites reliability, advanced technology and engine varieties as a few of the reasons they opt for Perkins in their products…but ultimately it’s the Perkins support that keeps them coming back. That includes extensive hands-on training, quick-response service and personal touches, yet it’s more than that.

“It’s relatively easy to get an engine, put it in a truck and ship it, but it’s the aftersales support that makes a difference in the satisfaction of the user. And as an OEM, we want everything to go as smoothly as possible in terms of support and parts,” technical support and warranty manager Guido Cameli explained.

He pointed out that Perkins engines need less frequent support—but when they do, it’s easy to find anywhere in the world. “It gives us the comfort that we know we can rely on Perkins when things don’t always go as expected,” said Guido.

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