Future-proofing the Egholm Park Ranger 2150

A perfectly manicured park, a freshly mowed green belt, or a well-maintained pathway all depend on flexible, reliable machines to perform the multiple tasks required to keep outdoor areas clean and inviting. To a growing list of customers around the world, those machines are built by Egholm A/S of Lemvig, Denmark and powered by Perkins engines.



The compact Egholm Park Ranger 2150 is an excellent example of the reason why. It’s a compact, highly manoeuvrable, articulated, four-wheel-drive machine designed specifically to meet the needs of both small and large cities. It can handle jobs ranging from grass mowing to snow removal, pavement sweeping, material handling and even hedge trimming.

The power to accomplish all of those tasks is supplied by a Perkins® 403J-11. The 3-cylinder, 18.4 kW (24.7 hp) naturally aspirated, ultra-compact, power-dense indirect injection engine is particularly well-suited for equipment like the Park Ranger 2150. It also meets EU Stage V emission requirements, which was an important factor in selecting it for a recent Park Ranger 2150 upgrade.

Egholm’s authorised Perkins distributor, BU Power Systems supported the upgrade which included both the 403J-11 and a new, performance-matched hydrostat provided by Egholm. The combination allows the 403J-11 to operate at about 600 rpm less than the Perkins EU Stage IIIB engine it replaced. That not only yields greater energy efficiency, it also reduces noise and vibration to improve operator comfort and the overall user experience.

“With the powerful 24.7 hp Stage V Perkins engine and four-wheel drive, you always have the power and traction needed for your tasks. Furthermore, you have a utility machine which lives up to the emission standards of the future,” explained Egholm procurement manager, Lars Petersen.

“With the Park Ranger 2150, you only need one machine for all your different outdoor maintenance tasks.”

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