Perkins powered compressed air anywhere

PDP Series mobile air compressors built by Czech Republic manufacturer, ATMOS Chrást can be found at work everywhere from the Siberian tundra to the Sahara and many places in-between. All of them are powered by Perkins diesel engines, including the newest model, the recently introduced PDP 50.



ATMOS powers the PDP 50 with a 3-cylinder Perkins® 403J-E17T, one of Perkins most compact engines. It combines highly competitive performance and fuel economy with reliability and low cost of ownership. The 403J-E17T delivers 36 kW and 166 Nm of torque while meeting EU Stage V emission requirements. That allows the PDP 50 to be used anywhere the latest emission standards must be adhered to.

“PDP series compressors can be flexibly configured,” said Franz Weisbrod, international sales director at ATMOS Chrást. “With the Perkins® 400 Series engine, we have chosen a motor that can respond flexibly to these wishes and that runs robustly and reliably."

The PDP 50 uses electronic controls to monitor operating parameters in real time, separate air filters for the engine and fan to extend maintenance intervals and an 8 hour on-board fuel supply.  Available options including air dryers, oil drip trays for sensitive environments and  spark arrestors and Chalwyn valves for operation in refineries and similar hazardous environments.

"Our PDP series compressors benefit from an exceptionally long service life, not least due to the solid Perkins engines. In addition, with Perkins we can rely on an established and global service network. This is very important for us as a leading global supplier," Frank added.

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