Smoothing the way

The Swiss-based Ammann Group is a world leader in the paving machines used to build roads, runways and virtually anything else requiring smooth, durable pavement. Their newest product is the Ammann ARX 140 Heavy Articulated Tandem Roller. It incorporates a range of advanced features and technologies, including a Perkins® 904 Series diesel engine.



Serviceability, reduced downtime and lower total cost of ownership were major goals for the Ammann design team. They were addressed with features including ground-level service points, external drain ports for all operating fluids and an auto-diagnostics system to speed troubleshooting and repairs.

A major feature of the ARX 140 is the sophisticated operator’s cab that provides all-around visibility and effective isolation from vibration and external heat. The operator steers the machine with fingertip controls incorporated into the ergonomic seat arm rests, and monitors all functions on a 10-inch control display.

Vlasta Medek, Ammann’s head commercial manager, explained that the compact, power-dense Perkins 904 Series engine was chosen to power the ARX 140 for several reasons.

“With the new generation of heavy tandem rollers, Ammann decided to connect its name with one of the world’s strongest engine manufacturers, Perkins. Their latest EU Stage V/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final engines are well established in the market and known for their quality and reliability.”

The 904J engines used in the ARX 140 produce 100 kW (134 hp). They are equipped with a full complement of aftertreatment systems: including exhaust gas recirculation (EGR); a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC); a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and, selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

With markets in areas as diverse as Australia, New Zealand, North America, North Africa, and South Korea, Ammann also found the global network of Perkins authorised distributors to be an important advantage.

“Another important fact is global support of Perkins engines, which is one of the key values that Ammann brings to its clients through the complete product line,” Vlasta added.

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