Generac chooses Perkins for their mobile generator sets

Mention Generac and many people will instantly think of home backup generators, a sector they have dominated for more than 60 years. But that isn’t the only market where Generac is a major competitor, the Generac Mobile division is a growing force in the mobile industrial generator sector as well.



Their latest products, the MDE570 and MDE330 are designed to handle a wide range of applications including powering remote construction sites and large outdoor events as well as more general uses within the rental industry. Both are powered by 18.1 litre Perkins® 2806F-E18TAG1 engines equipped with an advanced exhaust temperature management (ETM) technology load management system.

The ETM system is designed to mitigate ‘wet stacking’ and other load-related issues encountered when the engines are run at light loads for long periods of time allowing unburned fuel to build up in the exhaust system.

“We know that end-users may be underloading the generator for stretches of time, so we needed a readily available solution. This Perkins engine gives us a huge competitive advantage and enables us to offer a straightforward, reliable product experience,” said Aaron LaCroix, product manager at Generac Mobile.

Generac has extensive experience using Perkins engines in its stationary generator sets, so the ETM system wasn’t the only consideration in selecting the 2806F-E18TAG1 for the new mobile units. Perkins brand recognition and extensive service support available via Perkins distributors also were major factors in the decision.

“This engine has been field tested and proven to be a strong platform for power generation, especially for the mobile applications many renters will be in, so we have a lot of confidence in it,” Aaron said.

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