Captiva generators keep production flowing at Wacker Metroark">Captiva generators keep production flowing at Wacker Metroark

Wacker Metroark Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has been producing silicone products for the Indian market since 1998. Their Amtala plant in West Bengal has an annual capacity of more than 6,000 metric tons of silicones used in textiles, personal care products, rigid and flexible polyurethane foam and agricultural chemicals. 



With grid power unavailable on average for 200 hours annually, Wacker Metroark needed a reliable backup power solution to keep the plant running. Because of their reputation for supplying reliable backup power systems to some of India’s largest businesses, Captiva Energy Solutions which was founded in Kolkata in 2010 was chosen to supply back-up generators for the Amtala Plant.

“We thought of Captiva as one of the renowned OEM brands in the generator set market. Its low cost of ownership and the variety of product ranges were something we were looking for,” said Somnath Chakraborty, manager electrical at Wacker Metroark Chemicals.

To provide the dependable power that’s required, Captiva has chosen to only work with quality component suppliers such as Perkins, whose 4000 Series diesel engines provide high-power, dependable solutions for the Indian market. A total of four generator sets are installed at the Amtala site, two powered by Perkins® 4008-TAG2 engines delivering 1125 kVA each, plus one powered by a 4008-30TAG2 with an output of 947 kVA and one powered by a 4008-30TAG3 producing 1055 kVA.

“Captiva’s generator sets with Perkins® 4000 Series engines installed at our plant are one of the advanced sets which are offering uninterrupted power and reliability,” Somnath added. “We always say that we feel proud to work with Captiva and Perkins and, we will be happy to be associated with them in future too.”

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