Lega Power standby generators depend on Perkins

Fujian Everstrong Lega Power Equipments Co., Ltd is a major global supplier of industrial generator sets. Founded in Fujian province, China in 2006, Lega Power today serves customers in South Asia, the Middle East, the Americas and Europe. The company has an annual production capacity of 5,000 units and stocks hundreds of complete units in a large, purpose-built warehouse to assure quick deliveries.



Because many of their generator sets are used in critical settings ranging from harbours and airports to mining sites and medical centres, Lega Power places great emphasis on the quality and reliability of all the components they use. Those considerations were key factors in the selection of Perkins® 400 through 4000 Series engines to power generator sets from 10 to 2000 kW.

Perkins was selected as “a global brand known for its high reliability, excellent performance and low maintenance costs” explained Everstrong Lega CEO, Benjamin Zhuo. “Our customers value our decision to select Perkins engines for our generator sets. They cite the engine’s excellent performance as well as the global after-sales service and support offered by the Perkins distribution network.”

Much of that support comes from Sime Darby Elco Power, the Perkins authorised distributor in the South, Northwest and Southwest of China.

“Sime Darby Elco Power has always provided us with detailed and comprehensive presales service. It is also very flexible in after-sales service and provides us with a rapid response to ensure the stable operation of Lega’s Perkins-powered generator sets.” Mr. Zhou added.

“Thanks to the reliability and quality we’ve seen from Perkins engines and the complete global after-sales service system, Perkins has become an important supplier to Everstrong Lega Power.”

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