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AGG is one of China’s leading producers of standby and emergency power generation solutions. Headquartered in Fouzou City in Fujian province, AGG serves users in more than 80 countries via over 250 distributor networks with innovative stand-by and backup power systems. 



In keeping with their emphasis on quality, reliability and customer service, AGG has selected Perkins engines for many of their generator sets. “With its compact structure, high reliability, and nice appearance, Perkins engines have become the first choice for AGG to provide users with power solutions,” explains Maggie Zhu, AGG China’s vice general manager.

When AGG was tasked with supplying 40 trailer-mounted generator sets to provide stand-by power for the 2018 Asia Games in Jakarta, Indonesia all were powered by Perkins® 1506A-E88TAG3, 2206C-E13TAG3 and 2506C-E15TAG2 engines.

To support the construction of telecommunications base stations in Pakistan, AGG supplied more than 1,000 telecom generator sets, all powered by Perkins® 403A-15G2 and 1103A-33G engines.

“Perkins-powered AGG generator sets have been put to the test in environments such as snow and deserts among others, but their stability is always the same, and the reliable performance is well received by AGG users worldwide,” Ms Zhu added.

AGG also counts on Perkins distributors to support their generator sets no matter where in the world they’re installed.

“Perkins’ global distributor network is one of the most important reasons for AGG to select Perkins engines to power its high quality generator sets and services for users around the world,” Ms Zhu said. “With a complete range of engine parts, it supports the stable operation of Perkins powered AGG series generator sets.”

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