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Global support. Industry knowledge. Responsive service. That’s what you’ll get when you collaborate with Perkins. We bring 90 years of experience and expertise helping construction and material handling OEMs succeed in overcoming the industry’s ever-evolving challenges. 

Minimise downtime and Increase ROI

Your machines are vital to your success, our engines and expertise help power your profits. Together we can help you conquer your biggest obstacles -- from minimising downtime to getting your machines into the world more quickly. At Perkins, we work with you to increase uptime and streamline the complex process of going to market so that you can start seeing return on your investment sooner.

It’s no secret downtime reduces productivity and profits. Your customers want a reliable engine that ensures minimum maintenance and low running costs. Fortunately, every one of our Perkins engines come with these crucial qualities and are fully tested so you don‘t need to spend time and money to further validate the product. To add even more value to your investment, we provide global support and training to ensure you’re getting the most from your engine.

We also work closely with customers to gather valuable feedback and vital data from manufacturers and end users and use this exclusive insight to continually refine and improve the performance of our engines. In fact, feedback is one reason why we’ve created smaller, more power-dense engines with simple plug-and-play installation options. With our new downsized and easy-to-integrate engines, OEMs have been able to see a total cost reduction of 10-30 percent allowing them to sell even more machines to their customers.


Customised solutions to help you succeed

At Perkins, we understand no two OEMs are the same -- each has their own unique set of hurdles to overcome. That’s why when we started Perkins in 1932, we’ve made it our mission to closely collaborate with our customers to provide power solutions fit specifically to their needs.

Over the years, we’ve collaborated with more than 800 original equipment manufacturers to create engines to fit the exacting demands of their machines. From skid steers to crushers and just about everything in between, Perkins has acquired nearly nine decades of expertise from working side-by-side with OEMs to create engines that truly deliver class-leading performance in over 5,000 different applications.


Unbeatable time-tested range of engines

Nobody has a greater depth or breadth of off-highway engine choices than Perkins. Ever since we first opened our doors almost 90 years ago, we’ve leveraged our experience across a wide variety of applications to develop engines and provide creative solutions for the particular set of challenges the construction and materials handling industries face--including the world’s harshest working environments.

From frozen tundras to unforgiving deserts to high-altitudes and more, Perkins has billions of hours of field testing and validation process ensures your engine performs in even the most unforgiving climates.

We also test all our engines using a variety of processes including integrated Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to identify potential causes of failure. This process includes extensive analysis of in-machine duty cycle, reliability and durability data, supported by industry-leading tools to model the potential risk to new technologies or design features. We also use a comprehensive range of physical validation techniques to certify our engines for all operating conditions covering different machine installations. This is supported by a world-class engine test facility capable of simulating machine operating cycles at varying engine angle of operation, altitude and temperature while ensuring that global emissions standards are met.

So no matter the size of your machine, Perkins has an engine fit for you. Starting with the sleek and ultra-compact 400 Series (.5 litre) to the powerful 2800 Series (18.1 litre), every engine is optimised to deliver the most efficient power at each node.


Expertise beyond engines

We are committed to understanding your goals and helping you achieve them. That’s why we offer global service and support that goes beyond the engine to help you minimise downtime and maximise your revenue.

No matter what stage of production you might be in--whether it’s a prototype or fully-validated hardware--we closely collaborate with you to create a truly customised solution that meet your demands. We’ll work diligently to easily integrate with your business to ensure seamless transition throughout each phase from product introduction cycle to supply chain to aftermarket support.

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