Aftermarket advances put construction customers first

Perkins understands that customers need to keep their machines running reliably for longer – so they can maximise their return on investment. That’s why our aftermarket team has been investing in innovative new solutions that give you more choice, quality and value at every stage of your engine’s life cycle.

Success and profitability for construction businesses come down to working your machines as hard as possible. To achieve this, you need to keep the component at the heart of your machine – its Perkins engine – in top condition.

Perkins provides an array of aftermarket products that help you maximise your engine’s performance throughout its lifecycle. We’re now embarking on a major programme of investment to ensure these products are more customer-focused and beneficial to your business than ever before.

“We’re investing across our full range of parts and services to ensure we’re supporting customers in everything we do,” explained Siobhan Scott, marketing manager. “By providing more choice, better value, and better availability, we can help you enhance the return on your investment and ensure your machines run dependably and efficiently for many years.”

Small engine, big output: the new Perkins® 403J-11T

Improving parts availability worldwide

One of the areas where Perkins is making a considerable financial commitment is in parts availability. This is an incredibly important factor for any business that runs working machines and critical to maintaining machine uptime.

“We’ve been delivering next day to customers across Europe for more than 10 years,” said Siobhan. “We’re improving our distribution worldwide with the addition of new facilities. In 2017 we opened a brand new warehouse in Kentucky, and last year increased the size of our existing Singapore operations with a new, much-larger facility. And the improvements don’t stop there, as a new facility in Brazil is set to open its doors later this year.”

Investment in the retail inventory management system (RIM) is also set to improve. The system is already in place with many distributors, but rollout is due to expand across Perkins global network of dedicated distributors.

“The system learns from previous order patterns and tells distributors what they need to order,” said Siobhan. “It means they hold the correct inventory, improving availability, so customers will get the product they need, when they need it.”

Innovative digital tools enhance engine management

As the world becomes ever more digitised, Perkins is leading the way with some of the most useful and intuitive digital products on the market.

The Perkins® SmartCap and Perkins® My Engine App bring major benefits to machine users. The Perkins SmartCap is the world’s first low-cost engine telematics device. When used in conjunction with the app, it gives users accurate data about engine hours and locations, provides service reminders and important parts and consumables information. By giving you vital engine data at your fingertips, you can keep your engines running effectively with the minimum of effort.

The ever-evolving app is available in eight languages - English, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese. Useful new features include the ability to set your own service intervals and the facility to give multiple members of your team direct access to the same engine’s data.

Solutions for every stage of your engine’s life

Wherever your engine is in its lifecycle, Perkins has been investing in high-quality, great-value solutions to keep it performing to the maximum.

If you need to replace a faulty component, this can be done in three different ways: you can buy new, new for old, or opt for a more affordable remanufactured part.

“Our remanufacturing process sees us return parts that are at the end of their life back to as-new condition,” said Siobhan. “This allows you to have a part that’s the same quality as a brand-new one – and it costs you around 30 percent less. 

“Whichever repair option you choose, you always get a part that’s been thoroughly tested and comes with a 12-month warranty.”

Further down the life of your engine – perhaps after 8,000 to 10,000 hours – certain components may need to be overhauled. Again, Perkins gives customers a range of options, including an array of overhaul kits.

Overhaul kits add convenience by providing a large number of components under a single order number. They’re cheaper than the sum of their individual parts and give you confidence you’ll have all the right products for the job at the right time.

Replacement engines support your ROI

Another option, particularly if you want to avoid the downtime that comes with a lengthy overhaul, is to use a Perkins replacement engine. These brand-new engines are quick to install and immediately bring your machine back to its original performance.

“Every construction business faces financial pressures,” said Siobhan. “By using a replacement engine, you’re able to give your machine a second life. Our replacement engines come with an optionable, up to 10-year warranty, so in terms of ROI on your machine, you’re getting up to 10 years of extra life.”

Other solutions that sit between overhaul and a full replacement include our complete head, short block and long block. Like our smaller components, customers can either buy new or remanufactured through our Perkins Power Exchange scheme – and be rewarded with a cost reduction of around 30 percent.

“With so many options available, we recognise there’s a lot of choice for customers,” said Siobhan. “Which is why we have our expert distributors who can advise on the best option for you. They’re all fully trained and approved to undertake the work.”

“Our programme of investment in aftermarket is all about making sure we’re giving customers the best service, best quality and best choice, at great prices,” concluded Siobhan.