Perkins launches new power solution capabilities to help OEMs navigate the global energy transition

At CONEXPO-CON/AGG – March 14-18, 2023, Perkins is demonstrating smarter ways customers can cut development time and costs, spotlighting its next-generation integrated powertrain programme.

Tuesday March 14, 2023

For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that need to jumpstart development programmes and accelerate speed to market for new products, Perkins is demonstrating a new range of comprehensive integration, mechanical, electrical, software and controls engineering capabilities at CONEXPO-CON/AGG this week. Designed to help customers continuously explore new ways to optimise their equipment’s performance, efficiency, and power density using conventional, hybrid and next-generation energy sources, Perkins’ offerings are helping deliver smarter solutions to advance sustainable power.

“Throughout our history, Perkins has combined confidence and curiosity to challenge conventional wisdom and help humanity power ahead,” said Steve Ferguson, President of Perkins. “Now is the time to demonstrate our industry leadership by exploring new ways to help customers and end users solve their ever-evolving challenges.”

Perkins collaborates with customers to challenge conventional wisdom

CMET’s advanced capabilities are just one way Perkins is evolving to better connect with and support customers.

To reflect its commitment to customer-focused problem solving, Perkins has made transformational changes spanning its worldwide operations, research and development, and product and service offerings, including aftermarket support. Perkins is showcasing an array of inventive products that mitigate long-standing technical and operational barriers customers face on the path to a more sustainable, lower-carbon future.


Perkins is exhibiting a highly configurable integrated, end-to-end diesel-electric hybrid powertrain, suitable for a wide range of off-highway applications.

Diesel-electric hybrid powertrain

By collaborating with OEMs that are evaluating diverse powertrain alternatives, Perkins and the new Customer Solutions team can:

  • Help product teams select tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements and deliver the optimal balance of owning and operating costs they need by applying deep engineering expertise, wide-ranging market sector knowledge, and a power source-agnostic approach.
  • Help equipment manufacturers evaluate considerations such as power needs, application types, duty cycles, operating environments, run time, fuel availability, emissions standards, decarbonisation initiatives, resale value, own versus rent approaches, maintenance, and many other factors.
  • Steer projects from concepts to prototypes to functional, fully tested machines by evaluating system requirements; optimising system architectures; managing system controls development, calibration, and verification; and performing final system validation.
  • Deploy machine development competencies built over the past decade to assist OEMs with world-class engineering resources and state-of-the-art testing facilities that have provided millions of hours of customer support.
  • Provide machine operating expertise on more than 5,000 different off-highway applications. Perkins engineers manage the design, test, and machine sign-off process, providing OEMs with a 3D model design and a machine ready for the next stage of manufacturers’ development process while protecting valuable intellectual property (IP) by keeping confidential data secure and safe.
  • Serve as an efficient single source for supplying all components needed for integrated powertrain systems, ranging from engines, transmissions, electronics, and self-calibrating controls for conventional solutions to batteries, inverters, motors, motor-generators, cooling systems, software, and other critical elements for new-energy configurations.

Explore Perkins power solutions at CONEXPO – South Hall, Booth S-84329

At CONEXPO, Perkins is highlighting its large, fast-growing portfolio of advanced power product and service solutions designed to help customers manage the energy transition to a more sustainable, lower-carbon future.

These include:

  • 48-, 300- and 600-volt lithium-ion battery solutions with modular designs and factory-installed telematics that Perkins is developing to optimise performance and packaging in numerous next-generation off-highway applications for the construction, industrial, materials handling and agricultural industries.
  • Industrial diesel engines and industrial open power units (IOPU) that are available today to help OEMs reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their machines. Perkins offers the widest diesel engine power range from 0.5 to 18 litres and 8.2 to 597 kW (11-800 hp) that meet the most stringent global emission standards: EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, with the exhibit featuring the 904J-E28T IOPU, the 1204J-E44TA, the 1706J-E93TA and the new 2606J-E13TA. These engines are capable of using renewable, lower carbon-intensity fuels that meet the leading industry diesel fuel specifications*.
  • Connectivity solutions with hardware reading important engine data, displayed to the customer as timely insights. For OEMs with their own in-house telematics solution, an API based service which receives engine data is provided. From this, Perkins delivers useful insights to enhance the service provided by the OEM to their customer, aiding the customer’s productivity.
  • Perkins® Ecoplus fuel filters that are engineered to minimise waste and enable recycling after use. Designed without a metal housing and centre tube, Ecoplus filters are manufactured with fewer materials while providing outstanding performance, enabling up to 45 percent longer injector life in a recent comparison wear test with competitive filters.
  • Leading aftermarket capabilities from Perkins promote sustainability through improved fuel efficiency and prolonged machine life cycles, such as all-inclusive Perkins® Hypercare packages, and flexible overhaul solutions from new single cylinder repair sleeves for cost-effective overhaul which maximises reuse of existing parts, through to full ‘drop-in’ replacement engine solutions.

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* Fuels must meet the specifications and characteristics described on in order to be used in Perkins engines and reduce the risk of downtime.



At CONEXPO, Perkins is exhibiting a highly configurable integrated, end-to-end diesel-electric hybrid powertrain, suitable for a wide range of off-highway applications.


At CONEXPO, Perkins is exhibiting a highly configurable integrated, end-to-end diesel-electric hybrid powertrain, suitable for a wide range of off-highway applications.


At CONEXPO, Perkins is exhibiting a highly configurable integrated, end-to-end diesel-electric hybrid powertrain, suitable for a wide range of off-highway applications.

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Your trusted partner through the energy transition
Your trusted partner through the energy transition