Small engine, big output: the new Perkins® 403J-11T

Perkins has launched its newest engine, the 403J-11T – a turbocharged engine that combines good torque performance with the smallest package possible. Its certification to both EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards means original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can design and build one machine for multiple markets.

The 403J-11T is a new 400 Series model. It's a powerful, compact 3-cylinder engine and a welcome addition to Perkins industry-leading global product range. It was launched in February in the U.S. and will be available in volume production in 2020.

This turbocharged engine produces 18.4 kW (24 hp) and 86 Nm (63.4 lb-ft) of torque from a compact package that offers high performance across a wide range of altitudes and climatic conditions.

The 403J-11T joins the Perkins® 403J-11, 403J-17 and 403J-17T at the 18.4 kW (24 hp) power node, giving OEMs one of the industry’s broadest range of choices at this power node. All four engines meet Stage V and Tier 4 Final emission standards making it suitable for equipment used in both highly regulated and lesser-regulated markets worldwide.

Small engine, big output: the new Perkins® 403J-11T

The Perkins® 403J-11T combines simple, proven mechanical fuel system technology to deliver a cost-effective package for OEMs and the rental industry. Operating at 18.4 kW (24 hp) it requires no aftertreatment or exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) or electronic controls to meet the latest emission standards. 

“For this critical power of 18.4 kW (24 hp), OEMs need to balance multiple engine characteristics including physical dimensions, cold start capabilities, high altitude performance, torque output and cost to get the best match for their machines,” said Oliver Lythgoe, product concept marketing. “The 403J-11T is particularly suitable for machines that need good torque performance, but also need the smallest package possible.” Examples include mini-excavators, welders, turf equipment and many other machines where torque is critical, but weight and size also need to be minimised.

The new engine’s torque output of 86 Nm (63.4 lb-ft) make it a strong contender to power the small construction equipment that is popular in rental fleets.

Oliver said its lightness gives the 403J-11T a number of advantages. It’s ideal for any machine that’s transported by a trailer where axle weight is a consideration; there are also benefits in applications such as lawn mowers where it is important to minimise ground pressure.

For mini-excavators, where operators value a tight turning circle to minimise tail swing, the new engine’s short package will be an advantage.

“Customers want different things depending on the machine type and the market they are selling to,” said Oliver. “By offering several different engines at this power node we can help them achieve the balance they need between characteristics like torque, cold start capability, performance at altitude, length, width, weight and commercials.”

The 403J-11T is built on the proven 403J-11 naturally aspirated platform. This engine has demonstrated an ability to do very high hours. One example in the UK, running in a pump, has done 63,000 hours without a major repair – the equivalent of 2.5 million miles in an automotive application.