Easy way to buy Perkins parts

Perkins online parts shops make it simple to buy genuine parts, directly from Perkins. The shops currently operate in the U.S. and UK - with a view to expanding further in Europe in 2019 - offering anyone needing Perkins parts, particularly in small quantities, the speed, convenience and flexibility of online shopping.

Perkins online parts shops are proving a hit with customers who appreciate being able to buy genuine Perkins parts easily, directly from Perkins.

“We have thousands of products available online for maintenance, repair and overhaul,” said Siobhan Scott, marketing manager for Perkins. “These are quality parts you can trust, designed for your specific engine – and everything we sell has a 12-month warranty.”

The U.S. shop was launched in mid-2017 and the UK version followed in 2018 – and after their success, we’re looking to expand further in Europe in 2019.

Customers in the U.S. can also now use the Perkins® My Engine App to order parts directly from the app. The app links through to the shop, showing only the parts which fit the engine registered in the app.

Easy way to buy Perkins parts

“We’ve put a huge amount of work and investment into our online shops to make sure people can find the correct part for their engine,” said Siobhan.

Parts that fit your engine

The shops are designed to be easy to navigate. Customers can search by engine serial number, in which case the shop will show them only parts that will fit their engine. But you don’t have to have the serial number: you can also search by part, by engine series or by engine type – 2, 3 or 4-cylinder, for example. You can even ‘live chat’ with trained Perkins staff who are available to support your needs.

“This flexibility makes ordering parts in the Perkins shops straightforward and foolproof,” said Siobhan. “We listened to what people told us about shopping for parts online and put a lot of effort into getting it right.”

The Perkins shops also contain links to our distributors which is important for customers looking for more complex or complicated parts or kits such as those you would need for an engine overhaul. Siobhan said: “Our distributor network provides the engineering knowledge and expertise to ensure your engine overhaul is done to the highest quality to maintain maximum performance and so this is why we direct our customers to our distributors.”

“We also do this to ensure you get maximum choice of all our cost-effective overhaul options including new and remanufactured parts, overhaul kits and complete replacement engines. You can be assured you’re getting the best solution.

“At this level, it’s not about fitting the part; for us it’s about making sure our customers get expert advice from local Perkins-trained engineers.”

Targeted at small workshops

Our store is targeted at small engine workshops, end-users, machine owners and rental companies for example – people who want to buy small quantities. For that, you don’t need a contract or account with a distributor as you would for buying parts in large quantities.

And it’s a very fast service. You can buy parts easily with a credit card and in the UK they’ll be delivered the next day. U.S. customers have a variety of options for delivery including next day, two-day air and road shipping.

For UK customers, parts are supplied from the Perkins Global Distribution Centre based in Manchester. In the U.S., fulfilment is handled from the Perkins Regional Logistics Centre in Kentucky.

Rob Collard, aftermarket regional manager, said the online shops are “part of our strategy to strengthen and grow the service and support we already provide to millions of Perkins customers and end users through our global network of trained Perkins distributors.

“We believe this is a valuable service for Perkins customers.”

“We’ve put a huge amount of work and investment into our online shops to make sure people can find the correct part for their engine.” – Siobhan Scott, marketing manager