Perkins distribution partners: always adding value to your business

Perkins global network of distributors provides a valuable local resource for our customers and ensures all their engine needs – across parts, service and support – are expertly met. Before they’re appointed, distributors undergo rigorous assessment to ensure they have the right capabilities, values and ethics. And now, through the new updated Perkins Distributor Excellence programme, they’re raising their operational performance ever higher – and helping more Perkins customers succeed.

Wherever you do business across the world, Perkins trusted network of over 67 distributors is always close by to meet your expectations as a Perkins customer. Each one plays a valuable role in ensuring we can reach, support and service our customers in every corner, country and continent of the world.

“In line with our business’ core values, we support our distributors in a collaborative manner, pursuing optimum performance through engagement, teamwork and integrity,” said Perkins global distribution development manager Dan Bentley.

“As a leading global engine manufacturer, our network of distributors needs to mirror our values and best practices, and we work closely with them to ensure customers receive the same quality of service and support regardless of territory, country or continent.”

Perkins distribution partners: always adding value to your business

When it comes to looking after your needs and your engine, our distributors are customer-focused and flexible enough to add value to both original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and end users.

For OEMs, our distributors provide:

  • Standard and customised engine solutions
  • Application solutions that ensure our engines meet the requirements of your machines and your customers
  •  Technical advice and business solutions whenever required
  • A direct, customer-focused approach that ensures your unique requirements and challenges are fully understood

For end users, they provide:

  • Parts sales, repair and maintenance advice
  • Trained technicians who have the technical knowledge, expertise and diagnostic skills to carry out all servicing, repair or overhaul of your engines
  • Professional service levels and competitive response times
  • Detailed local market knowledge
  • The skills and passion to get your engine up and running in the quickest time

“Ultimately our distributors deliver the Perkins service, protect the Perkins brand promise and help you, our customers, to succeed,” said Dan.

Stringent and meticulous assessment

Every Perkins distributor has to undergo rigorous evaluation. We assess their values, ethics and compliance and we closely scrutinise their financial credentials before they can be appointed.

Once they are up and running, we continue to evaluate their performance and ensure they meet the standards our customers demand when purchasing the Perkins brand.

Distributor Excellence programme

Perkins is committed to delivering consistent levels of excellence throughout our customers’ journey – from initial enquiry to comprehensive aftermarket support. To reinforce that vision, we’re introducing our new Distributor Excellence programme to every distributor in our network.

Distributor Excellence takes the form of a detailed quarterly assessment. As well as measuring distributors’ performance in key areas such as engine and parts sales, service response times and customer satisfaction, it challenges them on day-to-day activities, from HR and marketing policies to tooling and training. The assessment really gets to the root of how they’re performing across engine sales, service capability and aftermarket support.

“The programme is all about partnership,” added Dan. “Alongside the assessment, we hold regular meetings, both with individual distributors and regionally, while creating effective plans for moving forward. This gives us the best opportunity to grow both businesses, while also helping our customers grow and succeed in their marketplaces.”