Time to profit: how working with Perkins at EU Stage V can boost your bottom line

In an ever-competitive construction sector, any opportunity to boost your profitability needs to be taken seriously. Perkins EU Stage V engines not only meet your strict emission demands, they provide the power to grow your sales and enjoy a more profitable future.

The latest EU Stage V emission standards have now started to take effect in Europe. As a result, many construction equipment manufacturers will be carefully weighing up which engine supplier can help them develop a new generation of machine that delivers on more than just emissions.

Perkins is ready to collaborate with you through the latest emissions transition. With us, you get an expert off-highway partner with extensive experience of the best EU Stage V technologies. Our latest generation of engines is designed to boost your business profits – and meet your customers’ demands for value, reliability and performance.

“At Perkins, we offer the biggest range of Stage V engines in the industry,” explained Oliver Lythgoe, product concept marketing. “We offer 14 different models, from 0.5 litre to 18 litre, which deliver power from 8.2 to 470 kW (11 to 630 hp). So whatever construction machines an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is designing, they can be sure that Perkins has an engine to power it.”

Time to profit: how working with Perkins at EU Stage V can boost your bottom line

Drive down your costs

Engines across the range have been designed with OEMs’ profitability in mind. With rising costs a concern for OEMs, Perkins turns the tables. Our Stage V engines offer market-leading power density and are quick and simple for your engineers to install, saving you time and money at every stage.

Perkins Stage V technologies – which have been field-tested over millions of hours – help you meet your emissions responsibilities while also having a positive impact on the engine’s power, torque, reliability and durability.

“At Stage V, we’ve really put OEMs first, helping them to remove cost from their machine,” said Ajay Prasher, product marketing manager for 3.4L, 4.4L and 7.1L engines. “Whether it’s a 15 percent increase in power density, enabling OEMs to switch from a 6-cylinder engine to our 4.4 1204J platform or our simple and robust engine mounted aftertreatment – we’ve got a range of engine solutions which keep OEM engineering managers and their accountants happy.”

Outstanding uplift in power and torque

Performance across the range has improved in two main ways. Power density – that’s the amount of power you get from a particular package size – has increased by up to 28 percent. Torque, meanwhile, has increased by up to 29 percent. All of this means that OEMs can downsize and reduce cost, without compromising on performance.

“We know that OEMs are looking to maximise their revenues and sell machines anywhere in the world,” added Ajay. “Our latest engines offer a common platform enabling OEMs to sell modular engines across the globe. Whether it’s Europe, USA, Japan, China or Africa – our latest engines help OEMs to maximise revenues and reduce costs.”

Our Stage V engine range also reduces OEM costs through efficient packaging and integration. Engine mounted aftertreatment as well as factory-delivered power units that are ready for you to ‘plug and play’ add up to minimal engineering for OEMs.

Trusted by the world’s leading OEMs

Many of the world’s most successful OEMs trust Perkins to transform the challenge of Stage V into a major business opportunity. The trust they place in us is based on our innovative, high-performing engines and our long-standing off-highway expertise. We’ve been building engines for construction machines for more than 85 years and have more than 21 million engines behind us.

“We are true off-highway experts who understand how real machines work in tough conditions,” said Oliver. “All our technology is designed and proven to withstand the high temperatures, high vibration and high duty cycles they’re likely to experience on many construction sites.”

“Our focus at Stage V is to help OEMs increase their revenues,” concluded Ajay. “Whether it’s our low DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) consumption, our passive regeneration and seamless machine operation – our engines help OEMs to sell more machines.”

Why choose Perkins at Stage V?

Benefits for machine manufacturers

  • Opportunity to downsize your engines – thanks to uplift in power of up to 28 percent
  • Reduce your total installation costs by up to 30 percent
  •  By offering a common core, we can help grow your sales
  • Plug-and-play solutions mean minimal engineering for OEMs
  • We’re off-highway experts with a deep understanding of construction site conditions

Benefits for your customers

  • Premium engines, which are reliable and durable, reduce cost of maintenance and ownership
  • Best fluid consumption in industry – fuel and DEF
  • Aftertreatment is fit for life – just fit and forget
  • Proven dependability, based on millions of hours of real-world use
  • Products are simple to operate and maintain