Providing the power to enable a steady water flow

North Alamo Supply Corp. supplies drinking water to more than 180,000 customers in a rapidly growing area of southeastern Texas, U.S. Their plants turn undrinkable water from the Rio Grande River and brackish underground reservoirs into a safe, reliable resource — as long as electric power is available to operate the system.

Strong seasonal winds, hurricanes and ice storms all can disrupt the state’s electrical grid, which powers North Alamo’s infrastructure. Without reliable standby power seasonal brownouts or total power outages can hinder or even halt water production. 

North Alamo Taylor Power

“In the past, we’ve had difficulties with other generator sets. Our customers suffered for it. It was important for us to find reliable generators so that we can support all of our customers during an outage to maintain safe water outputs, including those in rural areas,” said North Alamo general manager Steven Sanchez.

Those past problems were the reason North Alamo chose Clinton, Mississippi based Taylor Power Systems to upgrade their backup generator system. 

“We’ve worked with Taylor Power in the past and we’ve always been very happy with their quality, responsiveness and reliability. When it was decided that we would install these new generator sets, we knew that we wanted them for the project,” Steven explained.

Taylor Power delivered and installed six generator sets ranging from 60 to 600 kW and powered by Perkins® 1100 and 2800 Series engines. They also trained North Alamo technicians on the new equipment and provided a one-year preventive maintenance agreement.

Thankfully, North Alamo has not had to rely on the new generator sets yet, but the team is confident they’re ready to perform.


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