Iraqi hospital relies on Perkins powered generator sets

Reliable grid power is taken for granted in much of the world. That’s not true everywhere, though. In countries like Iraq, where the power sector has been heavily damaged, securing an adequate and reliable power supply can be one of the biggest challenges facing any kind of new development.



JE Power, a British company, has extensive experience supplying power solutions in Iraq. “Every compound, every commercial centre, every new development needs to provide its own power generation,” reports managing director Joseph Halloun.

It, therefore, came as no surprise, he said: “When the Ministry of Health made plans for a new 81-bed haematology centre within the Medical City, we were approached to develop and commission a diesel power plant to power the new hospital.

“The majority of generator units are supplied as back-up solutions,” he added. “That’s not the case here: these units could be powered up for more than 12 hours every day, so reliability and fuel efficiency are essential.”

Working through an Iraqi sister company, Erel, and a British supplier, Allam Marine, JE Power supplied a pair of 1MVA generator sets for the hospital project. Both are powered by Perkins® 4008TAG2A EPaks with uprated ‘tropical’ cooling systems to accommodate the extreme temperatures encountered in Iraq.

“The 4000 Series enjoys a strong reputation and has proven reliability in prime installations,” notes Joseph, “and its high ratings make it ideal for this application.”

And, because it’s “often on” low noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels were also key requirements for the hospital installation. That was “something that we were able to address perfectly with the 4000 Series,” Joseph added.

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