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Pioneer Pump, a brand of Franklin Electric, is a global leader in centrifugal pump technology. Their portable diesel-driven trailer and skid-mounted packages have been Perkins powered for more than a decade. 

Pioneer’s high-pressure, high-volume eight and 14-inch pumps are proven workhorses used to dewater and transfer water in mines, quarries and oilfields and assist with municipal bypass and storm water management after major disasters. Both are powered by compact, efficient, power-dense six-cylinder, turbocharged Perkins® 1706J-E93TA engines that deliver up to 340 kW (456 hp) while offering optimum fuel consumption and low heat rejection for reduced overall operating costs.

Most other competing engines at this horsepower are bigger, requiring a larger, more expensive platform for placement on DOT-compliant trailers, skids and enclosures. That’s not the case with the Perkins 1706J-E93TA. 

“With the smaller footprint for the horsepower from Perkins, we can fit a smaller, less expensive platform. That’s a real cost savings for the customer,” explained Chris Nelson, director of sales for Franklin Electric.

Compact, efficient engines weren’t the only Perkins contribution to the success of Pioneer’s products. Engineering teams from Pioneer Pump and Perkins worked together to introduce unique, colour-coded package curves that let purchasers input head and flow calculations to determine the best engine and pump fit for their desired application.

Traditional pump curves illustrate the performance range of a pump regardless of the engine that’s powering it, but the new colour-coded curves highlight the ideal operating range for every engine and pump combination. That reduces the chance of overheating the engine or operating in ranges that the engine may not support and helps achieve better performance and overall longevity.


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