Sullair - Powernews Case Study
Sullair - Powernews Case Study

A workhorse for any fleet

Portable air compressors are ubiquitous on construction sites and the Sullair 185 Series has been a beast in this arena for years. Designed decades ago to run up to three air hammers simultaneously, it’s now a go-to machine for winterising irrigation systems for agriculture—blowing out sprinkler systems and cleaning out water wells. It also been used to clean out combines, perform abrasive blasting for pre-painting, and even run bubbles through ponds to aerate the water for the resident fish population.

Powered by a Perkins® 404F-E22T engine, the 185 Series is all about reliability, durability and performance, and the 36.4 kW (48.8 hp) Perkins engine helps Sullair meet those goals. Its 27-gallon fuel tank allows up to ten continuous hours of use and the turbo-charged engine allows it to handle high altitudes. It’s usable in extreme weather with operation range of -20 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

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“The package is solid and built around a bulletproof air end,” says Sullair senior product manager Nav Sharma. “We go through a rigorous testing and validation process to make sure that users can count on our machines for a long, long time. It really is a workhorse for any fleet.” 

Perkins dedicated aftersales support helps enhance the collaborative experience with Sullair. “Providing a good service and parts network was an important factor in selecting Perkins brand engines for our compressors, and so far we are very pleased with how the Perkins support network has come through on their promise,” says Nav.

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