Perkins Curitiba: an award winner

Perkins Curitiba: an award winner

Perkins Curitiba was opened in 2003 to produce the 1000 Series engine, and in just over six months had expanded to manufacture the 1100 Series as well. Then, it had just 50 employees – today a team three times as big has added the electronic variations of these engines to its production lines.

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of territory, population and gross domestic product (GDP), with an economy expected to power ahead in the next few years.

Curitiba, capital of the country’s southern Paranà province, is ideally placed to service South American customers in the agriculture, construction, materials handling and electric power sectors. It’s a city of 1.8 million with the fourth largest economy in the country and excellent transport links throughout the continent.

Awards and records

Perkins Curitiba’s success over the last few years has been marked by a series of awards and records.

  • AGCO, global leaders in the manufacture of agricultural equipment, named the facility as its ‘Best Supplier of 2013 for direct material’
  • It was voted ‘Best Company to Work for in Brazil’ in the automotive sector in 2012
  • The Great Place to Work Institute named it one of the three best places to work in Brazil
  • In the same competition, it took first place in the ‘Celebrating’ category, honouring the team’s teamwork and camaraderie
  • And in 2014 it celebrated nine injury-free years at the facility – a safety record that reflects a culture of care and efficiency

We are proud of the awards we have won at Curitiba- but the satisfaction of our customers is the real measure of what we are achieving here.
Wilson Loterio, general manager, Perkins Curitiba

Global standards with local understanding

At Curitiba, we manufacture the 1100 Series engines for the leading names in the agriculture, construction, materials handling and electric power sectors in Brazil and for export across South America and to other lesser regulated territories. We also manufacture the latest 7.01 litre 1106 range of mechanical and electronic engines, offering Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) the potential for more power from a smaller displacement.

Because we manufacture our engines locally, lead times are kept to a minimum. You get your new Perkins engine direct from the factory in the fastest possible time.

And quality is guaranteed. Engines are produced in line with the Caterpillar Production System (CPS) used in all Perkins manufacturing facilities, ensuring the same efficient processes, the same tested and validated components, and the same stringent quality controls are implemented at every facility.

Our Curitiba team is highly trained, and focused on what’s best for the customer - a local team, but part of a globally consistent manufacturing network.


Address information

Rua João Chede
n 2489
CEP 81170-220
Curitiba PR

Tel: +55 41 2141 8896
Fax: +55 41 2141 8856

Facility information

Production: 1100 Series

Site size: 9.1 acres (36,826m²)

Capacity: Up to 80,000 engines p/a

Employees: More than 140

Commited to Brazil

Commited to Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world and the biggest market in South America for off-highway diesel engines. Perkins is committed to serving the Brazil market.

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