Latin America heritage

Every early morning. Every late night. We have always taken pride in working side by side with those that depend on us to get the job done. Working the same fields for over 60 years, serving Brazil since 1959.

brazilian tractor vintage image
brazilian tractor vintage image











We take pride in being the power that helps you provide

Perkins has a long history of helping support the agriculture industry in Brazil, which has grown into a global leader in both food production and food exporting. That has been part of our wider commitment to Latin American growers and the OEMs that provide the equipment needed to drive their success. With a regional manufacturing facility, local support staff, and a growing portfolio of advanced engines designed to meet the needs of the agriculture industry, we stand ready to help power the next era of Latin American agriculture history.

crop rows LATAM
crop rows LATAM

We support you so you can support the community

From the beginning, our goal has been to work as an extension of our agricultural partners, whether they’re direct consumers or OEMs. That means being there and providing support for the entire lifecycle of our engines. No matter where work takes you, no matter the demands, we have solutions designed to help drive your success and the success of the entire industry.

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Tractor with equipment
Tractor with equipment

Listening to our customers

The evolution of iconic models like these depends not just on the vision and skill of our engineers, but also on the input of generations of customers. Part of the Perkins heritage is the commitment to working with our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers to see they get exactly what they need for their specific applications. As a result, we have been able to grow and change the market over the years, taking diesel engines into new sectors and different parts of the world.

Tractor ploughing field LATAM
Tractor ploughing field LATAM

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Our innovation drives your success

As demand grows and costs rise, we know it’s more important than ever for agriculture equipment to come with more value built in. That’s why we are dedicated to developing new engines and technology that makes use and repairs easier, without losing sight of the capabilities that make the work you do in the field successful.

perkins 1100 series engine
perkins 1100 series engine

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Perkins global heritage

The year 2022 marked ninety years of Perkins Engines Company Limited. During the company’s lifetime, more than 22 million diesel engines have rolled off our production lines, initially from the original Peterborough factory in the UK and now from manufacturing facilities on four continents—including Latin America