Perkins Griffin: the 400 Series

Griffin, Georgia, is the Perkins manufacturing facility supplying engines to the construction, agricultural, materials handling and electric power markets across North America. It was established in 2004 and today produces the compact but powerful 400 Series range of engines.

The world-class manufacturing facility at Griffin provides a one-piece flow production system which tracks each individual engine electronically from the start of the assembly process, through the hot testing systems to paint spraying and the final dress for the customer.

“At Griffin, we’re building engines for North American OEMs, in America, designed to meet the toughest emissions standards, built to give years of reliable service, and tailored to meet OEM requirements.”
Jeff Rohr, facility manager, Perkins Griffin

Perkins Engines Griffin Facility, USA

The 400 Series

Our versatile 400 Series engine, produced at Griffin for North American markets, provides a seamless power range of 10.2-49.2 kW (13.7-66 hp) within an efficient, space saving 2, 3 or 4 cylinder package.

Production is scheduled to start on the new 404F-E22T/TA common rail engines with direct injection, producing 36-50 kW (48-67 hp).


The engines are assembled on a roller track, with electronic screens providing the operator with build data specific for each individual engine. They are built to the same uncompromising standards of quality and efficiency as every Perkins engine, with electronic torque-controlled tools to ensure that every critical fastening is tightened precisely to specification, every time.


After assembly, the engines pass to one of ten test beds in a single acoustic enclosure for a comprehensive hot test. Then, after painting, dressing, and 100 percent inspection, they are ready to be shipped out to the customer.

The customer

Griffin supplies engines to customers across North America, direct from the factory in the fastest possible time, with lead times and delivery times kept to a minimum.

Quality is guaranteed, with engines produced in line with the Caterpillar Production System (CPS), which is used in all Perkins manufacturing facilities, ensuring the same efficient processes, the same tested and validated components, and the same stringent quality controls are implemented at every facility. Our employees are a highly trained American team, focused on North American markets. At Griffin, as at every Perkins facility, our commitment to quality is your guarantee of reliability.

Address information

Perkins Small Engines LLC
325 Green Valley Road

Facility information

  • Production: 400 Series
  • Site Size: 6 acres (5,100m²)
  • Employees: 100