Peterborough: home of Perkins

Perkins began at Peterborough more than 90 years ago, and today our manufacturing facility produces the fuel-efficient 1200 Series, the compact 904 Series and the powerful 400 Series.

It’s also the base for worldwide research and development of engines up to 7.1 litre, with 20 test cells in the Europe Research and Development Centre.

Peterborough is a city in the east of England with a population of around 186,000. It was named recently as the fastest-growing city in the UK. Good transport links were one reason why Perkins was established there, and the city still enjoys excellent connections with London – just 45 minutes away by rail – and the container port of Felixstowe.

World-class technology

Perkins Peterborough incorporates world-class manufacturing technology, with computer-controlled and robotic assembly lines to guarantee consistent and repeatable reliability and precision.

Efficient, productive and quality-focused technology is matched with the Caterpillar Production System to ensure that every engine that leaves the Peterborough facility has been manufactured to the same Perkins global standard.

The attention to detail in production starts before the engines have even reached the assembly line. Engines are tested at Track Zero, the facility’s pre-production validation workstation, where any real faults are ironed out before they can be transferred onto the production line and compromise quality.

Then, checks at each stage of production mean that no engine can proceed until each component has been fitted according to specifications. Comprehensive tests ensure that our customers receive the best of Perkins technology with every engine, every time.

Safety and environmental responsibility

The facility is quiet, clean, light and airy, with a focus not only on efficiency and productivity, but also on safety and environmental responsibility.  Every stage of production has been studied and reassessed to see if there is any way in which it can be made more energy-efficient.  Emissions, waste water and noise are constantly monitored and minimised. Nothing that can be reused or recycled is allowed to go to waste.  Environmental responsibility is an integral part of the manufacturing process at Perkins.

“At Peterborough, we're producing the engines to meet today's challenges, and preparing for tomorrow's- all with our customers' needs in mind.”
Rob Walker, facility manager, Peterborough


Perkins Engines Peterborough Facility, UK


Testing facilities

Our highly trained testing team operates some of the most advanced systems in the world, including:

  • Cold climate cells to check cold start and running capability
  • Tilt beds to reproduce conditions for machines operating on steep slopes
  • Noise cells designed for ultra-accurate measurement of decibel levels
  • Transient test cells to replicate the operating cycles of real machines

Research and development

In our Europe Research and Design Centre (ERDC) highly skilled researchers and development engineers are working on designs that will meet the challenges of the future - engines that are more fuel efficient, reduce CO2 and which will meet future emissions standards.

We work closely with our customers to ensure what we design fits with what they need to drive their businesses into the future.

We have always gone the extra distance to exceed your expectations and bring you unrivalled service, and the work undertaken across our Peterborough site means that we’ll continue to do so.

Address information

Perkins Engines Company Limited
Frank Perkins Way
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1733 58 3000

Facility information

  • Production: 400, 904 and 1200 Series
  • Site size: 103 acres
  • Employees: Approximately 4,000 employees

Fast facts


  • Automated, computerised production and testing systems
  • 400,904 and 1200 Series engines produced
  • Investment in engine research and development