Perkins Aurangabad: world-class

Perkins Aurangabad: world-class

Our new state-of-the-art facility in Aurangabad, India, has been built to manufacture and supply the powerful 4000 Series engines to the growing Asian customer base – providing reliable power solutions for hospitals, airports, universities, data centres and large manufacturing industries.

India’s economy has grown by over 30 percent in the last five years, with an engineering sector that produced some $67 billion of exports in 2014.

Aurangabad lies in the Delhi-Mumbai Development Corridor, with a growing industrial infrastructure and excellent transport and communications links to the Asia-Pacific region. It is at the centre of a network of established engineering companies which provide a local supply of components of guaranteed quality and reliability.

The city also has 27 industrial and technical educational institutes and five international schools, providing a local pool of talent for the future.

This all means the Aurangabad facility will produce world-class, high quality Perkins 4000 Series engines, closer to our Asian customer base.

Our new state-of-the-art facility in Aurangabad, India

Manufacturing excellence

Our new facility has been built by one of India’s longest established construction companies using the highest specification materials to make it a true centre of manufacturing excellence. It now produces engines to the Perkins global standards and recently despatched its 100th engine.

The 4000 Series is available in 6, 8, 12 and 16 cylinder diesel and spark ignited gas engines.

We take immense pride in Perkins Aurangabad and what it can do for our customers. Our engines are built to Perkins global high standards, but our regional presence will mean we can supply them to our customers throughout Asia Pacific to meet the growing demand.
Jawed Ahmed, managing director, Perkins India

Supply chain excellence

By manufacturing closer to our Asian customers, and using our world-class Indian supply base, we’ll be able to provide customers with the engine they need, tailored to their specific requirements.

As with all Perkins products, the engines manufactured in Aurangabad will benefit from the support of our renowned and highly trained global network.

State-of-the-art technology

Production processes feature state-of-the-art computerised and robotic technology for machining, assembly, test and paint. Engines are produced using the Caterpillar Production

System (CPS) established in all Perkins manufacturing operations, ensuring the same efficient processes and stringent quality controls are implemented at every facility.


Fast facts

  • Stringent productions systems and processes: every 4000 Series engine manufactured in Aurangabad meets Perkins global standards
  • Engines meet regional emissions standards
  • Closer to our Asian customers, and using our world-class supply base
  • All 4000 Series engines operating in Asia have access to Perkins global service coverage

4000 Series

Perkins 4000 Series

Whether your need is for standby or prime electricity generation, you need the performance and reliability that comes with our 4000 Series diesel engines.

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