Perkins’ presence in Latin America

Our teams, facilities and distributors are located in different regions of the world. We want to be close to our customers to understand their needs. That's why our presence is global and we also offer a complete solution for off-highway engines in Latin America.



Throughout our 90 years of history, Perkins engines have been present in hundreds of different machines and applications around the world, including agribusiness and electric power generation – two highly strategic sectors for Latin American countries and of great importance for Perkins.

Agriculture in Latin America

Latin America is a strategic region for the world’s agribusiness as it concentrates the largest production of basic foods and the largest net food exports. The region also has great availability of water, land, biodiversity and natural energy resources.

For instance, Brazil's share in the world food market jumped from US $20.6 billion to around US $100 billion in the last ten years, with an emphasis on meat, soy, corn, cotton and forest products1. Meanwhile Argentina is the largest exporter of soybean meal and soybean oil in the world, and is third in bean exports2. Mexico is the third largest agricultural exporter in the region producing vegetables, fruits and other agricultural by products2.

The scenario is promising and Perkins is ideally placed to support this agricultural production. Soon after the business was started in 1932, we have worked side by side with agricultural equipment manufacturers around the world, including Latin America.

To support the local market and understand the needs of each customer, since 2003, Perkins has operated a modern manufacturing facility in Curitiba, Brazil. Over the years, the facility has brought us even closer to the Latin American market. Currently, the plant manufactures 3, 4 and 6-cylinder 1100 Series engines – to serve the demand of the region’s agricultural and electric power sector.

Due to our local expertise, we have been able to deliver engines, parts and support across Latin America, while maintaining Perkins’ global quality. Local expertise also means having regional distributors with deep knowledge to meet customers’ needs.

Electric power sector

For many decades, Perkins has worked with leading equipment manufacturers in Latin America’s electric power sector. To meet customers’ needs, Perkins offers high technology and quality engines to provide stable energy.

Whether in industry, hospitals, factories, agribusiness or other sectors, Perkins provides a range of engine solutions for anyone who needs an engine for main power generation, running day after day without interruption, or for standby power generation.

Local expertise

Having a team and facilities in Latin America is essential for Perkins. The local Curitiba facilty allows us to understand the specifics of the region so we can deliver the right engines and services for our customers across the region.

Perkins is proud of its global distribution network. With a detailed understanding of the local customer needs, our distributors in Latin America ensure that, regardless of where the machine is, customers can count on a specialist with extensive expertise in Perkins engines to answer their questions, provide repair, maintenance services or locally stored genuine parts.

Our distributors follow the same systems and processes so customers can always have the best of Perkins, wherever they are.

Our local presence also allows us to be part of the emissions standard discussions, so we are ready to help our customers to meet the applicable emission standards for local consumption and export requirements too.

New regional website

To further support its customers in Latin America, Perkins is launching a dedicated Latin America web page. The page – which will be available in SpanishPortuguese and English – will provide customers with information on Perkins, its presence in Latin America and commitment to the region.

Customers will be able to find out more about Perkins in Latin America and understand how we became a leading provider of off-highway energy solutions, in collaboration with manufacturers (OEMs) in the region.

Information on the emission standards required in across the region and a focus on our manufacturing facility in Curitiba will also be available.

The new web page is yet another milestone in our history of success and collaboration with Latin American countries and is there to further strengthen our relationship with customers and distributors. Don't miss out!

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