Wacker Neuson’s EW100 mobile excavator: made with and for its customers

Bauma 2022 heralds the exciting launch of Wacker Neuson’s new EW100 10-ton mobile excavator. With the power and efficiency of a 14-ton excavator, the new addition to Wacker Neuson’s extensive range is designed to meet the needs of the jobsite 4.0.

With an EU Stage V Perkins® 904 Series engine under its hood, Powernews takes an exclusive look at this powerful excavator and the decision to power it with Perkins…



The power of innovation

With the founding of a forge workshop in Dresden, Germany, in 1848, Johann Christian Wacker laid the cornerstone for a business that over the centuries has continued to develop and play its part in revolutionising the construction industry.

This spirit of invention and the power of innovation – over 200 patents and utility models have been launched to the market – has been central to Wacker Neuson’s growth and the reputation it has earned as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction machinery.

Today, among other things, the product portfolio includes internal and external vibrators for concrete consolidation, vibratory wet screeds for concrete surface finishing, vibratory rammers, vibratory plates and rollers for soil compaction, demolition and cutting equipment, lighting, generators, pumps and heaters as well as excavators, wheel loaders, telehandlers, skid steer loaders and dumpers within the range of compact construction machines.  

With such a diverse range of products, it’s no wonder that companies from the main construction industry, gardening and landscaping, municipalities and industry, among other sectors, have come to rely on Wacker Neuson’s innovative solutions to meet their own business needs.

Meeting the needs of the Construction Site 4.0

Whether it’s a new engine, machine, phone or car, a new product launch always involves many years of development and collaborative input to make it happen. 

That was certainly the case for Wacker Neuson’s new EW100 10-ton-mobile excavator which has been developed over many years in close cooperation with customers, associations, attachment manufacturers and companies across the construction industry. The result? A machine that Wacker Neuson says will shape the Construction Site 4.0 and set new standards. 

Equipped with a fuel efficient 100 kW engine, the EW100 reaches a maximum speed of 40 km/h – perfect for fast job site changes, while the powerful drive hydraulics and working power enables the compact machine to complete work typically undertaken by a 14-ton mobile excavator.

Built to meet the extensive needs of the Construction Site 4.0, the mobile excavator is unique in its class and says Wacker Neuson, is setting benchmarks in the field of attachments and assist systems, safety, environmental protection, stability and robustness. These features, it says, will benefit all customer groups, from the service engineer to the operator and the owner.

The EW100 comes ex works fully prepared for full hydraulic and electric quick coupler and a pallet fork mode, a modern attachment management and a standardised attachment interface. The joysticks can also be set individually and saved for different operators.

The company says the operation of the attachment recognition or driver pre-setting is particularly simple, as the machine guides the user step by step through the settings, before learning and remembering the preferred settings for each operator.

A clear view of the work area is provided by the flattened engine hood, through which the right front tyre is always visible, and the right window, which is completely transparent. In addition, the machine is equipped with a rear-view camera. Wacker Neuson says the excavator is extremely stable even when turning 360 degrees with a lifted load, thanks to the centrally positioned overhead tank and lockable oscillating axle.

The lifetime-particle filter and the elaborated cooling system in combination with a thermo management means the EW100 is designed to perform whenever it’s required.

“The new EW100 sets new standards for the future of mobile excavators,” says Andreas Gstöttenbauer, head of product management excavators and dumpers in Linz. “The interaction of the machine with the user and the attachments is incomparable and it is ex works already prepared for MIC 4.0 and further evolutions in the digitisation of the construction site.”

Attachment management system 

One of the most important highlights of the EW100 says Wacker Neuson is the attachment management system. In combination with the automatic attachment pressure relief and couple- as well as flow-recognition, the excavator brings efficiency to a new level and combines it with the highest operator comfort.

The auto-brake-function activates the brake automatically, when the foot is taken off the throttle and releases it automatically, when it is touched again. On the job site the operator can choose between driving via a steering wheel or using the joysticks. For a better and more intuitive operation, the operator can also adjust the optional joysticks as they want to, with the buttons and switches able to be set individually on both sides through the 10-inch multicolour touchscreen-display.

A small but nevertheless important feature is the extractable toolbox under the cabin with a 12V-electrical connection integrated. This offers enough space for a small compressor or also an electrical cooling box, besides all the tools and manuals.

The EW100 comes with the typical AWS (Active Working Signal) – a long red LED-light over the back of the machine – which is an important safety function. To increase the safety of those working near to the machine, the AWS also shows the machine’s activity – it glows as soon as the control lever is put downwards and the machine can be moved – and acts as an additional braking light during driving, and flashes while an attachment is being changed.   

Sustainable credentials

The excavator is fitted with an EU Stage V compliant Perkins engine and benefits from an ECO-automatic setting while it is being driven on the road and an ECO-mode with integrated power split, for use while the machine is working on the jobsite. The possibility to hook up to a 12-ton trailer and a pallet fork, means the versatile machine can do more work, potentially saving time and cost on the jobsite.

The EW100 will also be updated with a self-check system, which will automatically check and collect data on the most important parameters to show the status of the machine.

“Safety, sight and efficiency got improved in a whole new way,” explains Andreas Gstöttenbauer. “During the development process we focused on our customer and also service needs, feedback and wishes. We wanted to create a machine, made with and for the customers. Durable for the future and sustainable.”

A choice of two Perkins engines under the hood

The EW100 mobile excavator comes with a choice of Perkins engines, depending on the customer’s requirements – the 55kW 904J-E28T or the 904J-E36TA delivering 100 kW. Known for its compact size, the Perkins® 904 Series is ideally suited to the task of powering the EW100, as both the 2.8 and 3.6 litre engines have the same connection and service points, which was an important consideration for Wacker Neuson.

So too was the regeneration process, which for Perkins engines happens during the standard work cycle, so there’s no need for indicator lights and operators don’t need to waste valuable time or burn fuel for regeneration without working. Furthermore, no regeneration inhibitor switch is required due to the reduced exhaust temperatures during regeneration, meaning there is no risk for misuse.

Additional reasons for Wacker Neuson selecting the Perkins 904 Series included the compact engine mounted aftertreatment for maximum durability, aftertreatment developed for the product’s lifetime and its improved transient load acceptance.

The quiet 904 Series engines also complement the low noise and comfortable operating environment Wacker Neuson creates for the operator, while the engine’s low fuel consumption and compatibility with the EW100’s ECO modes offering, aligns with the company’s sustainability targets.  

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